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I’m sure a lot of people have probably turned off the news because they’re tired of the political drama (or circus) in this country. They may have heard about some of the issues, but it can be exhausting or even depressing to keep up with what’s happening, and frankly, who has time to worry about something over which you may feel like you have little to no control, anyway?

But if you’d like to at least be a witness to something that will go down in history as one of the MOST significant events OF ALL TIME, sure, turn off the news if you must, but at least take in the summary.

I’m not posting this video because my vote is going to go to Ted Cruz; at this point I’m not sure which one of the candidates will get my support at the polls.

(Besides Ted, I’ve been increasingly impressed with Carly, have a lot of respect for Ben, Marco, and some of the others… and yes, I even appreciate SOME of Trump’s tirades, but no matter who gets my vote, I do respect Ted tremendously for the way he boils it all down in his 59-minute overview.)

Yes, it’s a conservative’s point of view, and I don’t expect liberals to take the time, although the liberals are making history too, as Ted describes.

(On that point, I hope my liberal friends won’t be so quick to discard this… he compliments the liberals in Washington who adamantly and effectively stand for the principles they believe in, and calls for conservatives to learn from it.)

And 59-minutes may seem long, but it’s certainly a quick way to catch up on the hours, days, weeks, months, and years worth of news you don’t have time to digest. This is historic.

Here is a summary of America 2015 – how I believe this country, and our generation will be remembered in the book of life:

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  1. I saw this on face book and know that it is all true and my hat is off to Ted for his standing up for the right. It could not have been said more clearly and more true than he stated it. It is not only recorded on earth but in heaven as well. It will stand as a testimony for the truth but also as a testimony against the evil that is in government. Not only here on earth but in heaven as well. Hang in there Ted you are on a firm foundation and endure to the end and it will stand well with you here and here after.

    You will not win the battle there for it is written in the scriptures that all this will happen and there are great, great consequences with God for the failure of those that have made this happen. I know that what you are doing is hard very, very hard but you are right, so that is what matters. I love your goodness,


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