Thoughts Do Come True

By Denice Wallace

I have heard over and over so many years to govern what you think, or be in control of your thoughts. What you think about comes about, or What you focus on grows. I have been to seminar after seminar and everyone always talks about the importance of your thoughts, staying positive… Blah, Blah, Blah. I just did not get it or understand what our thoughts had to do with anything, until I was introduced to the Jack Rabbit factor by Leslie Householder.

I started studying her work more intensely and as I was going through the Mindset Mastery course, I finally started to understand why it is so important to manage our thoughts and emotions. We were given an assignment to experiment on and it is through this process that I had some AHA moments and it all started to make sense.

Following is of the experiences I had regarding our thoughts, and how what we think about really does come about:

Today as I was studying, my doorbell rang, and as I answered it, it was my neighbor’s husband. He was frantic and asked me if I would like their fridge/freezer, which was only 6 months old. WHAT!!!! You see they are moving, and all of their household goods were already packed and shipped out.

Our housing development told them they had to pay for a new refrigerator because their kids had dropped something and it put a very small ding in the bottom of the fridge the night before their move out inspection. So, rather than leave the fridge for housing to keep after they where forced to pay for it, he offered it to us.

“… the crazy part is literally a couple days ago, I had a thought that it would be really nice to have an extra fridge so I could have space to make meals and store for the week, and here I am now with an extra fridge. I am still in shock over it.”

I had no intention of going out and buying a new fridge I literally just had a passing thought about it and how nice it would be. I did not sit and stew over it or worry about how I would get one. I just one, had a thought about getting a fridge, two, had a nice feeling about how wonderful it would be to have one, three, I had a clear reason as to why I wanted one and four, I went about my day without another thought about it. A couple days later there it was.

I had two “Aha” moments from this experience the first was that usually when I want something I sit and stew and worry over how I am going to make that happen or I sit and doubt myself on the possibility that it could happen then or I talk myself out of it.

Do you see the difference? In acquiring the fridge, I had none of these conflicts I just felt good about having one. The second “Aha” was that I had a clear reason for wanting the fridge there was a purpose for it.

I am finding that when I am clear about what I want it is easier to visualize it and have good positive feelings toward whatever it is I am trying to do or acquire.


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