“That got me thinking…”

“I saw a young lady post on the Mindset Mastery group about how she …had strived to manifest a hundred dollars in her life, and lo and behold, she gets an envelope that had eight one hundred dollar bills in it. That got me thinking: How fun that would be with Christmas coming, and …new tires needed on my car …to try that also?” – Brandee A.

Meet Brandee Adams.

Brandee really threw herself into the work during her enrollment in Mindset Mastery. And she was generous in sharing the ups and downs as she went along. I’m thrilled to be introducing her to you now as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!

In Phase 1, the students spend 6 weeks learning the basics of how to utilize the principles of Rare Faith. At the end of the Phase, they apply what they’ve learned to their first intentional experiment. Brandee followed the steps to the letter and was quick to report her success, but the thrill was quickly followed by more questions and concerns. Let’s follow her experience as she navigated the program.

Q. Tell us about your Phase 1 Inconsequential Goal:

My inconsequential goal was to manifest a $1 dollar bill. I visualized holding, flipping and smelling the dollar bill I was holding in my hands. I anticipated finding it where I worked. However, It actually showed when a friend came to purchase and item and instead of check or Venmo, she paid in cash which included $3 in one dollar bills.

Here was her first report, as she successfully completed Phase 1:

November 21 – It happened! My inconsequential goal. My dollar bill came today. It did not come where or how I was thinking. I had visualized and asked the Question, “How will it feel when”, every day this week before I headed to the school.

I had expected to find it on the ground somewhere. Instead, a friend I had not spoken to in a while asked for a product that helped with pain. I had one here and she came to pick it up and paid me in cash! As she laid out the money, my eye landed on the dollar and my heart took a little leap. Yay! I can now proceed to start studying for Tuesday’s class!!

And yet on the same day, she had some new questions:

November 21 – Please help… the law of gender and gestation has me struggling. My inconsequential goal took 6 days and yet it was suppose to be something that could come to pass in a day. How do I have an expecting goal for this day (lesson 12 inconsequential goal), when the law of G&G tells me that timing is not within my control?

I think this is a great question! I also think it’s fun that instead of asking, “why didn’t it work?” her concern was, “why did it take 6 days instead of one?” Not a bad problem to have, when you’re practicing the principles to achieve your goals, right?

Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered the same thing, let me clarify:

We select a goal for Phase 1 that COULD be accomplished in a day, but we still allow ourselves to be unattached to how long it will actually take. This isn’t about making something happen in a day. That is not required. The point is to pick a goal that you know wouldn’t generally HAVE to take more than a day, because it needs to be small enough to accomplish quickly so you can to keep moving on to Phase 2 within a week.

She continued…

Also, I would like your insight that may help me learn from 2 experiences this week that have caused me to ponder. In these experiences, the things I was desiring came to pass, but there was not really a “formal” visualizing or asking myself “how will it feel when”. At the time of the outcomes was when I pondered on the law of PT. Like….hmm is this the laws at work? Did I help this or was it just a miracle and blessing of the Lord?

Blessings from the Lord come according to our faith, but it isn’t always as a result of our intentioned desires. Sometimes it’s merely because He wants to bless us, and we didn’t have active doubt or fear on that thing. Without doubt or fear present, He is able to deliver. Think of Peter walking on the water. (Matthew 14: 22-33)

Things happen for us when we do not doubt or fear, which is why I’ve adopted the mantra, “Keep calm and watch what happens.” If our intention is in the general direction of doing all we’re here in life to do, and becoming all we’re meant to become, that alone (as long as we fear not), can be intention enough for His hand to move in our lives.

She described two scenarios where I believe this is exactly what happened:

First- I was driving my daughter and her friend to American Fork, about a 35 min drive. I knew my gas was on the lower end and would need to get some to complete the drive. I really wanted to make it to American Fork (33.9 miles) and back to Spanish Fork (21 miles) as there is a Costco there. About 10 min into the drive I looked up at my “miles till empty” gauge and it read 74 miles. I thought, oh good that should be enough.

Now at least for my car sometimes my speed or hills burns that gas a little quicker than the mileage reads. So I knew it could still be close, but none the less was quite confident I’d make it to Costco or worst case would need to stop for a couple gallons, but really did not want that.

As I approached the American Fork exit I looked at my Full/Empty gauge and thought hmm, that should be lower. I glanced at the “miles till empty” gauge and it read 52? Seemed like it should have been lower but good for me I thought. I then dropped my daughters friend at her house and I dropped my daughter at her dads and headed back to the Freeway. As I got onto the freeway to go home I looked at my “miles till empty” and it read 74? Now some might say your gauges are wacky, but I felt the unseen help and have been pondering whether its the law of PT or a miracle?

Avoid Overthinking

I would not overthink it. Simply accept it as a miracle AND a demonstration of the law of PT in play. They work together, and when you have a choice, it’s okay to choose to believe that they did just that for you.

Second- in our house with kids doing laundry our clothes sometimes go to the wrong people, and instead of kiddos saying this isn’t mine and bringing it upstairs, they just shove it into their closet until someone says, “where is my…….?”

Many times we find the missing item, just not as soon as someone would like. Now I laugh to myself as I’m typing, but at the time it was my two items missing, and I was not laughing.

I began to feel frustrated as I made everyone search their closets, stating we were not doing anything until these items were found. We all searched our closets including me. As I searched, I calmed as I pondered how small I was acting and how my frustration was not helping anyone. I resolved that I really wanted these items back but it may not be today, and I took a deep breath and decided that would have to be OK.

One item was found that day (the one I was wanting to wear that day running). I called my other daughter on my missing jeans, thinking maybe she accidentally grabbed them or at least I’d have another person thinking about them and that was good. The other pants appeared a couple days later as my daughter had remembered a friend of hers had worn them and followed up with her. I found them folded on my bed.

Look for Reasons to Call it a Success

Again, rather than wonder if this was unseen help working in your behalf, I recommend that you always look for an excuse to acknowledge His hand in all things. Brandee calmed down, and He helped.


Epiphanies from Class

A few weeks later Brandee shared some of her epiphanies from class:

November 30, 2020 – I wanted to share a couple of my favorite items from this weeks lesson.

  • First: Taking action after you have properly set a goal is like setting your scope crosshair directly on your target before firing!
  • Second: Our actions are like perfectly obedient boomerangs.
  • Third: We don’t have to know where our resources will come from, Just trust that they will come.

These concepts are so powerfully uplifting! Helping me to OVERCOME my thoughtful justification of doubt and naturally tendency to look at life as it is and how big my dream feels and think there is Truth to my doubt. I now push it out with these and other truths on these natural laws that help me replace those negative thoughts with this truth and feel excitement for the future!

The following week she shared even more:

December 6, 2020

I just wanted to share some things that really empower me as I read these two modules.

  • There is a solution to every problem. That solution already exists. Your job is to find it.
  • Where will the money come from? Where ever it is now.
  • Everything by law has a counterpart. Like/dark, day/night, good/bad, problem/solution.
  • Change your vibration and that which you seek will be drawn into your life like a magnet.

These gems of clarification are SO comforting and empowering to me.

First, the absoluteness of the laws of thought and then this…the heightened breadth and depth awareness of their meaning and application! It makes me think of things in my life that are so easy to relate to and probably taken for granted. Like my car or electricity that gives me light. I truly don’t understand exactly how cars and electricity work, BUT How silly I would be to continue to use my bicycle to get to work or candles to light my home. I could do it, but how much more effort and discomfort I would go through to do so.

These great insights/clarification are opening up such trust and resolve to be ALL IN in this new way of thinking/living, releasing all doubt.

A Brave, Audacious Goal

And then, in the week that followed she got brave and set an audacious goal to test what she had been learning.

IF you are a member of the Mindset Mastery program, you can watch her live video where she shared the experience here:

If you cannot see the video, here is an excerpt of the transcript:

December 11, 2020 – I’m currently taking mindset Mastery – the Guided one…

I owed money money on my 2018 taxes… I was able to get those paid, but we did not pay the late fee and we didn’t pay the interest hoping that …they would just wave [them]. …that was the plan, so I used the the laws of thought.

Obviously to strive to make that process happen, I would visualize and just know that someone nice was going to get my paperwork and that the IRS and was going to just allow those things to be waived so I would come out with zero owing. That was my plan. I was so excited.

Well …to add to that, I saw a young lady post on the Mindset Mastery group about how she …had strived to manifest a hundred dollars in her life, and lo and behold, she gets an envelope that had eight one hundred dollar bills in it.

That got me thinking: How fun that would be with Christmas coming, and …new tires needed on my car …to try that also?

So I visualized receiving eight hundred dollars… I felt it. I was so excited.

…I just want to report that yesterday I received a letter in the mail from the IRS, that not only did I NOT owe THE interest and late fees, but that I was going to be receiving a refund for 816 dollars.

Can I just say how excited I was? My poor ten-year-old son got so many hugs from me, and he had no idea why…

Some of my final questions included:

Q. How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances in assignment/lesson 18?

It was much easier when I employed my action steps that helped me think right and drown/replace the fear and doubt. I know it helped me manifest my term 2 goal.

Q. If you had difficulty with anxiety or other troubling emotions, how did you deal with them?

I decided to to “just try it”. It did not have to happen, but I wanted to see what could happen if I tried.

And look what she accomplished.

In closing, she explains what the Mindset Mastery Guided course has done for her:

December 28, 2020 – The more I learn about our magnificent mind I get both excited and overwhelmed. I am excited because of the great ability we have to shape our life and encourage the shaping of others. I feel I have gained much more confidence in the Laws by participating in both the inconsequential goal and the consequential bite-sized goal. I was able to manifest both of these.

I began both feeling somewhat unsure, working each day to “think right” and have peace along with anticipation as I relived, mindfully, my goal. Then, after they each were manifested I did have excitement knowing I was a part of its creation, but I have to admit that my mind also quickly attempted to discredit the validity of both: my part and the law, as it then seemed to easy.

This experience was so informational to review and discuss… making sure that I could refuse those thoughts and continue to think right. The overwhelm comes from having SO many things I want changed right now, and the tiring work it can be to employ this new thought more constantly, day by day.

I feel I have experienced but the tip of the iceberg and look forward to more knowledge and growth. SO grateful to my facilitators and course mates. 🙂

I love spotlighting our graduates, but I especially love when they have kept a log of their experience from start to finish, and generously share it with the community as Brandee has done here. She has been really been a tremendous contributor in that way.

Brandee, lives will be changed because you were willing to share so much. We thank you. And again…

Brandee has since been accepted to the Rare Faith Program Facilitator Track and will begin her training soon.

Congratulations, Brandee! Keep up the great work!!


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