Reeling It In

By Kathleen Taylor

Leslie Householder often speaks of staking your claim. Literally walking up to the target and placing your arrow in the center of the bullseye.  Then, tying a string to the end of the arrow and walking back to where you were.  As you move towards your goal, you will feel a tug if you get off target.  This is a great visual for how the unseen help can step in and guide you towards your goal.  

I recently received a deeper layer of knowledge with this idea.  I was given an opportunity to FEEL what this feels like.  While attending Leadership Conference, we had a chance to try our hand at archery.  We are all very familiar with the ‘Stake Your Claim’ concept.  When everyone had had a chance to shoot the arrows, I was asked to place an arrow in the center of the target.  There was a string attached to the arrow and then I stepped back to where I was.  Next, a bag was placed over my head so I could no longer see my arrow.  I was instructed to go for my goal and reel in the string as I went.  

Easy Peasy, right?

The goal is straight ahead of me.

I began reeling in the string.  

I didn’t get far before I bumped into someone!

Because I was blindfolded, I couldn’t see that several people had come out to hinder my path.

The first obstacle was abrupt.  I wasn’t expecting it.  After all, I had staked my claim.  It should be easy for me to just walk up and get my goal, right?

I focused on the string.  It seemed to pull a little to the left, so I went that way.  Reeling it in as I went.

I was able to get around that first obstacle  but was a little less confident about what was coming next.

Would I stumble?

Who was watching?

Another obstacle.

The string seemed to pull a little to the right this time.

I followed the pull of the string, reeling it in.

Would I fail?

Was this worth it?

Another obstacle

This time the string seemed to go upwards.

I followed the pull of the string, reeling it in.

What was I doing anyway?

Another obstacle

Check the string

Another obstacle

Check the string

I took a deep breath.

It was working.  

I was reeling in the string and getting closer and closer to my goal.

I realized that the goal was mine.

It was literally tied to the string that I held.

It didn’t matter how long it took me to get to it.

I had staked my claim and it was mine.

This realization allowed me to focus more on the string in front of me.

What do I need to do right now?

I began to see my obstacles as opportunities. A quick way to check in with my goal and ensure I was on the right path.

Reeling it in.


Which direction is it going?

Reeling it in.


What is my next right step?

Reeling it in.


There were several more obstacles/opportunities.

I clearly brushed up with an armpit at one point (some of our obstacles are rougher than others).

But sure enough, eventually I had met up with my arrow in the target!

By law, I had to.

I had caused something to happen by staking my claim and the effect was that I would receive it, as long as I didn’t give up.

It felt like it took much longer than it should have. 

But, it was mine and I made it.

So can you!

Where will you stake your claim, today?

How will you relax and trust that it is already yours?

How can you focus on reeling in the string?

Paying attention to which direction it is tugging.

Making adjustments as needed but continuing to reel it in.

Remember, what you want, wants you.


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