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Holding onto Truth, Even when it’s Hard

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Today’s spotlight is on Julie Obenchain. As part of her experience in Mindset Mastery, she wrote:

“My greatest fear has been that my health will continue to deteriorate as it has been. That when I go to the doctor there will be a new problem or worsening problem that they will want to add medications or surgery for. When I had a doctor appointment or when my body hurt, I had to remind myself that this is not truth…” Read more here

“We Couldn’t Pay Our Rent”

“As November was rolling quickly towards the end, I knew I was pushing my luck – I had promised OCT rent very soon in Nov and I was nowhere even close. And I knew I didn’t have anyone I could go to ask for help. I kept working at things and having faith, but my heart dropped when I got this text from my landlord: Vanessa, what’s happening with Oct & Nov Rent?

“I didn’t answer for a whole day. What could I say? I might have $10 I can put towards it…but that would be pushing it … ” Read more here


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This [Genius Bootcamp] Immersion program journey has been an incredible opportunity of learning and growth. It took some discipline to…work on the lessons regularly, and some of them were tough, but I have been SO rewarded for the effort! My life has taken a dramatic shift for the better these past few months, and I can absolutely attribute it to applying what I have learned.

“That’s what I love so much about this course. The call for action. That’s where the magic happens. I am excited about my future, which isn’t something I could have honestly said before reading Leslie’s books and taking this course. Absolutely life changing. I look forward to continued learning, implementing and sharing these principles with the people I love.” – Rachel Brandon


“There is no way to adequately express what this year [in Achieving the Impossible] has meant to me. I appreciate that you have gone through so many rough times in order that you could gain and share the insights that those experiences brought you. It takes work to be truly inspired – so thank you for that. I wish you the best in everything you do! Love ya – Paula S.”

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Does the Breakthrough Ever Come? – Podcast

Do you ever feel like you are on a pointless search for something that will never come? I’ll address this concern and share powerful insights about thought frequencies that will help you understand what’s going on when the epiphanies you feel inside are not yet reflected in your outward circumstances.
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