Love the Now

By Christy Lee

Do you ever feel like  a dark cloud is looming over you?

Today was one of those days for me.  From the moment I got out of bed, my mind was consumed with scarcity and lack.  I just kept thinking about all that I had not finished from yesterday and all of today’s things that would just add to the pile.  My goals that I am usually so excited about, seemed like a bunch of things that I want but don’t have yet.  I used to stay in this place for days.  It wasn’t very fun and certainly not helpful or productive, but I didn’t know what to do about it, other than hope that something  would happen to make the day go better.  Now that I know what works for me to get rid of the dark cloud it makes life so much easier!

First of all, I knew that I needed to get up and move my body.  I picture the stress and overwhelm in my body as a solid that is very heavy and weighs me down.  I have learned that when I exercise, the solid turns into a liquid and melts away.  It clears my head and helps me to focus.  I haven’t always known this, but through the years of trial and error I have found that exercise is one of the best things that my body can do for stress relief.  Another thing that is essential for me is a morning routine of prayer, scripture study, and journaling.  All of these things help shift my thoughts to a place of gratitude and abundance instead of scarcity and frustration.   Just because I woke up in a bad mood does not mean that something has gone horribly wrong, but even though negative emotions are normal and part of life, it is still important that we learn what works for us to get out from under that dark cloud.  

Here’s why:

The Law of Cause and Effect states that Action and reaction are equal, in opposite directions.  Focus on what you can give, not on what you will get.  (Mindset Mastery, Trevon and Leslie Householder, p. 11)

When our thoughts are in a place of scarcity and lack, that nothing we will do will ever be good enough, we create more scarcity and lack.  We do this because we feel overwhelmed and then we don’t take action to move forward to reach our goals, because we don’t think that we will ever reach them anyway.  Our thoughts create our feelings, which in turn drive our actions and produce all of our results.  So, if we think that we will fail, we will!  We have created the failure in our minds, and that will ultimately be our result.  We don’t even try to create anything that we want in life when we feel hopeless.  

On the other hand if we can learn how to intentionally think about  the blessings that we already have, and express gratitude for all that the Lord has blessed us with right at this moment in our life, it changes everything.  We can express gratitude for our health the way that it is right now and all of the things that our amazing bodies are able to do.  The more we look for things to be grateful for in our lives right now, we begin to be more aware of how much help we have been given to get to this point.  Even if we feel like we have a long way to go to reach our goals, it will be easier to see that we are not alone in this journey and the help and inspiration that we need will be provided for us along the way if we are looking for it.  

When our thoughts are in a place of gratitude we feel supported, loved and worthy.  We are way more likely to ask for help and guidance and to recognize it when it comes.  From this place, we also feel more capable and hopeful that our desires for better health, or any of our goals in life, are possible with the Lords help.  These thoughts and feelings will naturally drive more purposeful action that will ultimately lead to the results that we want.  

When we understand the law of Cause and Effect and use it intentionally in our lives, it increases our faith that if we move towards our goals, we will, by law, get there.  We can more easily push away doubt and fear and plant our dream seeds with confidence. I challenge you this week to look for the things in your life that help to disperse the dark clouds ,so that you can feel more hope and gratitude.


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