Lessons of Love from my Grandma

By Christy Lee

My grandparents bought land on a hill in the southeast corner of Arizona. They planned an apricot orchard and a huge garden that they could use and sell  produce from.  People thought they were crazy, and said that nothing would grow there on that rock patch.  Luckily my grandparents didn’t listen to those people, and they held on to their dream of a beautiful garden and orchard.  It took years of hard work, with  a lot of trial and error, but eventually their dream literally bore fruit (and vegetables) and provided for them for many years.  As they got older their garden and orchard got smaller. Towards the end of her life, my grandma just grew strawberries, but they were the most amazing strawberries, and she made the best jam.   

After  my husband finished school, we moved back to the same town that my grandma lived in and moved into our first house with a yard.  I was so excited to learn how to garden, so I called the one person who I knew could tell me exactly what to do.

I still remember that phone call. I said, “grandma I am wanting to plant a garden, and I have no idea how to do it, but I know that you can tell me everything that I need to know.”  To this she replied, “I can’t tell you how to plant a garden.”  I was shocked!  “What do you mean?” I said,  “you grew the most amazing fruits and vegetables in this area with very little water, in a spot with nothing but sand and rocks!”  She then went on to explain to me that she couldn’t tell me how to do it because she didn’t know my soil, or my water, or even what I was wanting to grow.   I had given the idea zero thought beyond that I wanted a garden that looked like ones that I saw my grandparents grow, and I thought that she could just give me a list of everything I needed.  She said that I would  have to decide what I wanted to plant, read the instructions on the back of the seed packets, and then just see what happens.  If it doesn’t seem to be working, try something else.  I couldn’t believe it!  I got off the phone thinking that she just didn’t want to help me. 

Years later, I have learned that I just didn’t understand the Law of Gestation like my grandma did.  She may not of called it the Law of Gestation, or even realized that she was following a law at all, but she did understand  the  need to “plant our own idea seeds, and then be patient, don’t uproot your idea seed with doubt.” (Mindset Mastery, Trevon and Leslie Householder, p. 11)

She knew that she couldn’t just tell me what worked for her and then I could just do the same and get the same results.  It just doesn’t work that way with gardens or with life.  She answered my specific questions when I had them, but first I needed to know what I wanted and be willing to be patient and believe that it was possible for me, so that I wouldn’t quit when obstacles came up.

In my work as a weight loss coach, I noticed that, especially in the beginning, my clients really wanted me to just tell them what to eat.  They didn’t want to think about it, and they didn’t trust their own judgment.  It makes me laugh to think that I would give them the same advice that my grandma gave to me about gardening.  I told them that they first needed to get clear about what they wanted and assess where they were right now.  Then just start moving forward, paying attention to the foods that they were eating (read the back of the package of seeds). I told them that we would make regular assessments and make changes as needed.  I was a little more detailed than that, but the idea was the same.  It’s about trial and error, being mindful, observant and patient, especially in the beginning.  When obstacles arise, and they will, listen for inspiration on how to get around them and keep moving forward. It takes faith to know that the idea seeds that we plant will someday produce the results that we are wanting.  Understanding the Law of Gestation helps so much to remind us to not just give up when things don’t work out exactly how or when we think that they should.  It is important to keep trying, knowing that if we have properly planted the seed and held the vision with faith, then what we are wanting is truly on it’s way!


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