Learn to Love Learning

By Christy Lee

Be curious. Read Widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence boils down to curiosity.

Aaron Swartz

I have learned a lot about my health over the past 25 years.  I have found a lot of things that work really well for me and a lot of things that don’t.  The one thing that I know I can always count on, is that things will change.  The more I have learned to accept changes in my life and in my health, the more I can react with curiosity instead of frustration.  

For as long as I can remember I have had extremely dry skin. I attributed it to living in Arizona and didn’t think that there was much I could do about it besides making sure I always had plenty of lotion on hand.  I also had really dry scalp and in high school I started to get itchy, dry rashes on my face.  These rashes would sometimes flare up and and cover my neck.  I knew that I didn’t want to just mask the symptoms with steroid creams for the rest of my life, so I got curious about what was causing them.  I noticed that when I ate bread and other wheat products that the flare ups got worse, so I thought maybe I had a wheat allergy.  The thought of taking wheat out of my diet was overwhelming at first but I read and studied a lot  and eventually figured out how to eat gluten free.  The rashes did improve, but they did not go away completely.  I was praying to know what to do, and I felt like I needed to try a new doctor who specialized in treating allergies.  I was able to find one in Tucson who helped me to find the true source of the problem.  

She did some more blood work and found that what I had was not food allergies, but Candida from an imbalance in my gut flora that cause the yeast to take over and was causing the rashes, the brain fog and the decreased energy that I didn’t know was even  related!  She gave me  a protocol of what to do to kill off the Candida and restore the healthy bacteria in my gut.  It took about six months but it was easier than I thought it was going to be, because I now knew what the problem was, and I could focus on what it would be like to be able to put my hair up in a ponytail again without having everyone ask what happened to my neck.    The sacrifice was worth it to give up certain foods for a while, because I believed that it was fixing the problem.  I started taking the supplements that she recommended and followed the eating protocol. Soon I started feeling much better!  I kept this up for the full 6 months because I wanted to make sure that the Candida was really gone.

This process of keeping the Candida at bay has taken years, and I finally decided over the past five years that it is not worth it for me to eat refined sugar at all.  I also don’t eat bread products, unless it is properly fermented sourdough that I usually make myself.  I avoid corn almost completely as well, and I am always on the look out for quality probiotics that seem to help with this and so many other issues.  

I don’t miss the sugar at all anymore. I really do eat what I love, and I appreciate the sustainable energy that comes from eating foods that my body loves.  

So you would think that giving up all of those Candida feeding foods and being intentional with supplements and probiotics would mean that I don’t have to worry about Candida anymore,  and in a way it’s true.  I don’t worry about Candida because I understand it, but I am still learning  more and more as I stay curious about it.  

I recently needed to get one of my wisdom teeth removed, at 47 years old.   I guess the trauma from grinding it out of the bone and all of the ibuprofen in my gut for the next week caused an imbalance in my gut flora again, and  I had a flare up like I hadn’t had in years.  

So no, it’s not gone.  There is more that I need to learn about it. I am so grateful for the knowledge and help that the Lord has blessed me with to this point.  I feel like my health is so much better than it was  and I know that as long as I stay curious, and keep moving forward, I will continue to receive inspiration about the next step.


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