How I Learned to LOVE Running Hills

By Christy Lee

When I was training to run my first marathon I had no idea what I was doing. I had just started running earlier that year. I was excited to learn and stretch out of my comfort zone, but I knew I would need some help. A friend recommended a book called ‘The Non-Runners Marathon Training Guide,’ by David Whitsett and Forrest Dolgener. It sounded like just what I needed, and it was! This was one of the many tender mercies that the Lord sent to help me on my health journey. This book taught me so much, when I knew so little about the physical and the mental part of running long distance.

I learned how important good shoes are and how to find just the right ones for my feet. I learned what to eat before a race and how to hydrate properly. I learned how to prevent chaffing and blisters and why you should lie down with your feet up after a long run. But the most important thing that I learned in the book, was a mantra that the author teaches about how to love running hills. I have never forgotten it and have used it for not only running but for any big challenge that comes into my life. When you are at the bottom of a hill that you need to climb (literally or figuratively), you say out loud, “Hello hill, I’ve been expecting you! Come run with me and make me stronger!” You say this same phrase over and over as many times as you need to until you reach the top. It’s a goofy phrase, I know. I think that is part of the reason why it works so well. It also works for running in the wind, or mopping your floors, eating another salad or anything that mentally you know will bring you closer to your goal, but your heart is just not in it. It works so good!! I’ve tried it with so many things! It has become a joke with my family and friends. I will just state the thing that I’m resisting and speak to it out loud and say “Hello laundry! I’ve been expecting you! Come hang out with me and help me be more organized! “Hello 5 am workout! I’ve been expecting you! Come move with me and make me stronger!

Doing this has really helped me to connect my heart to my goal achievement. It helps me to remember the importance of the little steps that are necessary in helping us to achieve our goals, and to see them for the blessing that they are instead of a challenge.

The ups and downs in our life are supposed to be there. It’s all part of this human experience! If we were happy all the time, we wouldn’t even realize that we were happy, because we would have nothing to compare it too. If everything came easy for us, we would never stretch and learn and grow. It is in stretching and working our muscles that we become stronger.

The Law of Rhythm states that when we are down, we can be grateful, knowing that (by law) there is an upswing coming. Plan on endless progression upward.(Mindset Mastery by Trevon and Leslie Householder p. 11)

Having a vision statement for our life that is written down and that we read often, allows the up and down rhythm of life to become more of a back and forth moving upward toward our goal. Sometimes we are sprinting, sometimes we are walking, and sometimes we may be crawling, or even resting for a minute, but we still know where we are going, and we will eventually get there. I love knowing this.

I challenge you to look for the rhythm in your life and remember that if you are down, an upswing is right around the corner. When you are expecting it and being intentional, it comes sooner. If you have just climbed a “Hill ”and are at a high point in your life, remember who helped you get there, let yourself enjoy the view! Know that there will still be challenges ahead but you don’t have to fear them. Learn to see them for the opportunities that they are. Remember that everyone else has a rhythm in their life as well, and we won’t always be in sync. We can love, lift and encourage others no matter where they are at.


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