Do You Love to Compete or to Create?

By Christy Lee

If you want to lift yourself up.  Lift up someone else.  

Booker T. Washington

About a month ago, I was  at a middle school track meet waiting for my 7th grade daughter’s turn to throw the discus.  A group of 6  girls came and sat down next to me in the grass.  They hardly noticed that I was there because they were talking to each other and to a group of boys.  They were not participating in the track meet, they were just hanging out.  These  girls were so pretty, but their language was not.   They were scrolling through their phones and making fun of other people’s social media posts.  They were yelling things at the boys, trying to get their attention and make them laugh.

Those girls were not competing in the track meet , but they were definitely competing in life.  They were competing for each others friendship.  They were competing for attention with the boys. There they were in a group of six friends, but they all seemed lonely.  Their language and negative talk continued to escalate so I decided to get up an move to a different spot and sit by another group of girls.   

This second group of about 8 girls were participating in the meet and were waiting for their turns to throw.  They were from 3 different schools and were also hanging out and visiting. Technically, I guess they were in a competition with each other, but these girls did not seem like they were competing.  They were cheering each other on. Some of the girls were helping the less experienced ones work on their form.   Everyone wanted to improve, but they wanted their friends to improve as well!  They knew they didn’t have to step on each other and claw their way to the top.  I could see how helping and encouraging each other was improving everyone’s skills, and it was reflective in their results. They weren’t competing, they were creating!  There were friendships that were being created and strengthened, and skills that were being sharpened and improved. 

What a contrast I felt between these two groups!  I wanted to go back and somehow tell that first group of girls that they were amazing daughters of God ,who did not come here to compete but to CREATE!   

What if there was no such thing as competition? What if you could decide what kind of life you want to create and everyone else could do the same?   What if someone else had already met their health  goals, but we could just go at our own pace without comparing our journey to theirs?   What if you knew that you could eventually create whatever you wanted in this life, but you didn’t have to be in a hurry about it?

When there is no competition, it takes away the doubt and fear, and we can spend our energy more productively in moving closer to our goals and helping others along the way!

In Science class we learned that everything in the world has a vibration, or a frequency.  This is also true for our thoughts.  Positive thoughts, especially gratitude and love, are at a higher frequency.  They put our minds in a place to receive inspiration and creative thought, our feelings and actions follow and we eventually create these positive results in our life.

The opposite is also true.  Negative thoughts put us in a place to receive more negative thoughts that keep us in fear and competition.   In this lower frequency we listen to the thoughts that come in to our minds that tell us we are not good enough.  This is when we start feeling like we have to hurry and  force ourselves to compete with others who seem to have everything. We can never be truly happy in this competitive mindset because even if we do eventually end up clawing our way to the top, we won’t be able to enjoy it.  There will always be someone who is ahead of us in one area or another. 

So how do we get to this higher frequency with our thoughts?  

We learn about the law of Vibration.

This law states that “your thoughts control your personal vibration.  Change your thoughts, get emotional about them, and you’ll change what is attracted to you. (Mindset Mastery, Trevon and Leslie Householder, p. 11)

When I focus more on gratitude, I am happier with the results in all areas of my life.  I still have things to work on but I don’t feel like I have to do and fix and know everything right now.  I have way more confidence that I can create the life that I want without feeling the stress of competition.  


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