Lesson on Shutting Down

By Alyson Porter

Your thoughts control your personal vibration.  Change your thoughts, get emotional about them and you’ll change what is attracted to you.  According to Bob Proctor a “feeling: is nothing more than a conscious awareness of a particular vibration.   

My second daughter Sydnee is such a happy kid, most of the time.  But if she doesn’t understand something or she is overwhelmed…she gets anxiety.  If plans change from what was originally planned…it’s really hard for her to accept.  I have actually struggled with this myself growing up.  So I completely know how she feels.  Well, this one day was really hard for her.  She was trying to do her school work and something in the directions of what she was supposed to do was tripping her up…and she didn’t understand.  She came into my room almost in tears because she didn’t know what to do.  

I asked her what I could do to help.  She plopped on the bed and started telling me more about this and that…and as she spoke she went from being sad to being angry and frustrated.  And so then when she tried to show me the issue she was having…the computer froze and wouldn’t work.  This just made her more mad!  This is when I calmly told her to take some deep breaths and that we needed to calm down.  And if she would be able to do that…then we could figure it out.  

She glared at me, but started to take deep breaths.  About 2 minutes later she had calmed down so that we could calmly take a look at what was challenging to her.  We opened up the computer again…and it started it up just fine…and we were able to get into her school work and figure out the misunderstanding within 5 min, and off she went.

Now, she had been struggling with this problem for about 30 minutes.  And because she got so worked up about it…her brain wasn’t operating the best way it could.  And apparently her computer felt the “vibration” too because it quit working as well.  But as soon as the vibration shifted, things started to work again.  She kept thinking that things were hard…and that her teacher was so hard on her…and so because of that the homework became hard…but once she realized that it wasn’t actually as hard as she thought…it became easier.  Change your thoughts and you will change what is attracted to you!


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