Just Luck?

By Jimi Teague

Have you ever met someone that is really lucky? Good things happen for them all the time. They are unusually chirpy, smiling and sometimes even have a bounce to their step. Do you ever wonder how life just seems to works out for them?

Well, according to The Law of Cause and Effect, it’s pretty simple. The Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Nothing happens by chance. So, those happy go lucky people are likely also the people that are kind, have a positive outlook on life, open doors for people and are willing to step in to help other people at a moment’s notice. The people that they interact with may or may not appreciate their kindness but by law it comes back around.

Likewise, those people that are rude, hateful and mean to others are going to have that same level of negativity come back around to them too. They may not notice the boomerang effect because they tend to have a negative mindset and just assume that they are unlucky or that bad things just happen to them.

I’ve recently been experimenting with this law in my home. When my husband comes in from work I can choose how I want to greet him. My choice of behavior is usually instantly countered with a reaction from him. If I am unkind or I ignore him then the rest of the night, he will avoid talking to me. He will throw his dirty laundry on the floor, leave dishes scattered around the house and be in a generally poor mood. However, If I am cheerful and kind then he will spend the evening deep in conversation and go out of his way to clean up after himself and do things to make my life easier. This has been an eye-opening experience and I can see how we reap what we sow and how my choices have an effect on my relationships.

The great thing about The Law of Cause and Effect is that we reap what we sow. If we plant tomatoes, then tomatoes are what we will harvest. If we plant onions, we will harvest onions. By law, we cannot expect to get what we have not planted and if we have only behaved badly we should not expect good to come from that. However, if we want to reap positive benefits all we have to do is take positive actions. Be kind, and as Jesus says “Love one another”.


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