Don’t Pull the Cactus

By Jimi Teague

Several months ago I attended a business training in Arizona. In the airport, on my way home I purchased a package of Arizona Seeds for my youngest son. He was studying plants and since we live in Missouri, I thought it would be fun for him to plant the seeds and have our own little Arizona at home.
The seeds got shoved in a drawer for at least a month and one day he pulled them out and decided to plant them in the small terra cotta pot that came in the package. He read the directions and before I could step in to help he had dumped all the seeds in one lump in the pot and covered them up. At first, I was frustrated but I decided that it had been a gift for him purchased in an airport gift shop and they probably wouldn’t grow anyway. We sat the pot in the windowsill and we waited.

Day after day he checked the pot but nothing changed. I held on to my doubts but he had absolute faith that his little cactuses would sprout in no time. After a couple of weeks, I suggested that we dump the pot out but he held his ground and in the window seal they stayed!
Then one day a little green blob poked through the dirt. I thought it was mold but he was convinced it was a cactus. A few days later another green blob appeared. Over the next week 13 baby cactuses would pop through the dirt. Months later they are still very tiny but they are very much alive and growing steadily. They have even started growing prickly little fuzz.

Often we have a dream or a plan that is a lot like my son’s baby cactuses. Other people can’t see the vision and they suggest that you throw it out and move on. The Law of Gender and Gestation states: plant your own idea seeds and then be patient. Don’t uproot your idea seed with doubt. Just like his little baby seeds, have faith, there is a time for everything under the sun and just because it is taking a while and others can’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming together behind the scenes. Have faith and don’t let doubt throw it out.


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