How Following Inspiration Led Me to a Great Purchase

By Jimi Teague

Several months ago my grandma broke her ankle and needed a wheelchair. We looked online and went to several stores but couldn’t find one in our price range. I finally let it go and decided it would be OK to just pay to rent one instead.

The next morning we went to town to pick up something my son had purchased from someone on Facebook. Trying to meet up with this person had been quite a challenge. We had rescheduled probably five or six times. We were halfway to meet them when my son realized that he had lost his wallet. I wasn’t about to reschedule again so I agreed to go get cash and he could pay me back. We were almost to the meetup location and the route to the nearest ATM led us down a road I usually don’t go down. I suddenly had a nudge to stop at a garage sale. I despise garage sales and we were already running behind but I felt very strongly that I needed to go to this sale.

When I arrived at the ATM I felt a nudge to get out twenty dollars more than what we needed. We met up with the person and got my son’s item. On the way home, I followed the signs to the yard sale and when I got out, much to my surprise, there was an absolutely brand new wheelchair for $15 dollars. I couldn’t believe it. I literally cried tears of gratitude as I loaded the wheelchair into my truck. From this experience, I learned that I had done everything I could do on my own. I had checked local retailers, online stores and even used options via the Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Then, I let it go. I gave it up to God and was truly ok with paying to rent a wheelchair as long as my grandma had what she needed. I also listened to inspiration and took action when I felt the nudge. Following the voice of inspiration is what led me to find the wheelchair and because I had listened at the ATM I had enough money to make the purchase. Had I discounted the nudge of inspiration I would have missed a golden opportunity.

Often I have set a goal and then spent hours a day speculating how it was going to happen, who did I need to contact, where would the money come from and things that were impossible for me to know. Being unable to answer these questions led me to doubt that my goal was achievable.

This experience was a gentle reminder that I have everything I need to do the next right thing and if I listen to inspiration and take action in faith, then I will be just fine. When I do all I can do, then stay calm and watch what happens, that is when my goals become reality the quickest.

I challenge you, when you have come to the end of all you can do, hand it over to God and remain in faith that your needs will be met if you simply believe and act on inspiration.


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