Feedback: An Amazing Miracle

Mindset Mastery Program participant Katie writes:

katievI can’t even describe what an amazing miracle this course has been in my life. Everything has changed and I am a completely different person from when I started this journey in January.

In a nutshell…I went from a happy, but blah, letting-life-take-me-where-it-will-and-be-happy-with-it person, to a vigorous and excited, let-me-partner-with-God-in-creating-miracles person.

My husband is overwhelmingly excited to see this change in me and seriously awesome things are happening. I never would have imagined 8 months ago when I was sitting in my dingy apartment that I would be in a house on an amazing adventure with so many exciting dreams and achievable goals! The only downside is that it can sometimes get overwhelming how much there is to do right now. I know that I can use the laws to help me with that though also. This is just the next phase in my learning process! God is great.

PLEASE TAKE THIS COURSE, it will literally change your life. I tell everyone that I can about it. Thank you Leslie and Trevan!

Thank you, Katie for sharing this. I realize it isn’t the right time for everyone to be doing Mindset Mastery right now, but if you’ve been thinking about it, learn more and get started HERE.

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