Can’t Catch A Break

By Angi Bair

Does it ever feel like when one thing goes wrong then everything goes wrong? Often times this is more than just a coincidence. This is what we are creating in our lives through the Law of Vibration (sometimes called the Law of Attraction). 

Everything in the universe is vibrating and we also vibrate. Sometimes at higher levels and sometimes at lower levels. We all know those people who just seem to be happy and smiling all the time and life seems perfect for them. They are vibrating at a higher frequency during those times. And we all know people who are always angry and grumpy and everything seems hard in their life. They are vibrating at a lower frequency during that time.

How we vibrate affects what things and circumstances we are in vibration with. So when we are in high vibration life seems great, when we are in low vibration life seems hard. 

Take for example tuning forks. If you hit one tuning fork it will start to vibrate and make noise. Without doing anything else, if there is another tuning fork of the same pitch it will also start to vibrate all on its own without anybody hitting it. This is the Law of Vibration. If we are on the same frequency (through our vibration) as something else, we will become in sync with that thing. Just like the tuning forks. 

Life is going to have trials. That is part of our divine purpose. Everything we experience is to strengthen and build our mind, body and spirits. So what happens when we just can’t catch a break? 

Let’s say something happens that frustrates you, for example you get in a car accident. That experience emotionally charges you. Maybe you feel angry, hurt, afraid, or frustrated. You start complaining to your friends and family about this experience. You are now vibrating in sync with your accident and all the negativity you associate with that. So then you find out that the repair shop can’t get you in for 3 weeks and your insurance won’t cover a rental car. Maybe you feel more anger and frustration and complain to your family and friends. You are emotionally charged in a negative situation. This emotional charge keeps you in this same level of low vibration. Then you find out that your insurance deductible is double what you were expecting and you don’t have the money to fix your car.

Complaining, anger, frustration, and hurt continue. You keep telling everyone you just can’t catch a break. Everything bad is happening to you. Yes, that is the vibration you are in and that is what you are attracting. While saving money for the deductible and waiting for your car to get into the shop you find out your company is downsizing during the slow season and you find yourself being layed off. Anger, frustration, hurt, sadness, and complaining. You just can’t figure out why bad things keep happening to you. They keep happening because you are attracting those things to you over and over. You get emotionally charged in a negative vibration which puts you in sync with negative things. 

But the good news is that you can change your vibration ANYTIME. Every second of every day you can raise or lower your vibration and what you are in sync with. Have you ever heard people say “bad things happen in three’s”? Why do you think that is? Well my theory is something challenging happens and you get in vibration and attract something else to you, and then when the next challenging thing happens you again get frustrated and continue in the negative vibration. Then the third challenging situation arises and you realize its number three. So then you consciously decide that three challenging things have happened and so you are done with hard things. You face the third challenge with the mindset that things can only get better from here. You tell your family and friends that three challenging things have happened so now things will start looking up for you. Then you get emotionally charged about the possibility that things will be better. And they are. You have raised your vibration and are now in sync with higher vibrating situations and circumstances. 

What if we changed our thoughts and actions more quickly instead of waiting for the third or multiple stream of challenges? What if after the car accident we thought about just one good thing from the experience? Or one thing to be grateful for? How would our vibration be if we were thankful that nobody was injured in the accident? Or thankful that it happened close to home and not when you were out of town? Gratitude and love are the highest vibrating emotions. Anger and fear are the lowest vibrating emotions. If we learn to find something good or something to be grateful in during a challenging situation then we can raise our vibration just above the anger and fear enough that we are on a different frequency and attract different circumstances. That small thought and emotion of gratitude then helps us deal with the next challenge. So when you find out the car repair shop can’t get you in for three weeks, you are grateful that you get to spend extra time with your spouse riding to work together. If you find one thing to be grateful for or something good about that situation then you can raise your vibration even a little higher. The positive trend continues on. 

Challenging circumstances ARE going to happen. How we chose to accept them will determine the extent of our pain and our growth. But if we consciously choose to look at the bright side or change our emotional charges, we will rise above any challenge we face. Just like when you hit the tuning fork and it vibrates fast and loud, it also eventually slows down and stops. When you hit it again the vibrating frequency is elevated and is fast and loud. We may have to consciously wake ourselves up and positively charge our emotions and vibrations to lift ourselves above the challenges we will face. 

So the next time you find yourself feeling like you can’t catch a break, think about how you are feeling. Think about what you are saying. Think about your vibration, is it high? Or is it low? Then you have the choice to change it. You have the choice to break that negative cycle and start attracting more happy and positive things into your life. Even just a smile can raise your vibration enough to think a happy thought. Smile. Life is Good. God is Good. Carry On.

Angi Bair is a Real Estate investor and certified Rare Faith Programs Facilitator.


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