Brighter Days Ahead

By Judy Young

I have loved December 22nd since I learned about the Winter Solstice.  Yes, sometimes it falls on the 21st, and sometimes the 23rd, but generally, in my mind (no matter what the calendar says), I think of December 22nd as the Winter Solstice, and June 22nd as the Summer Solstice.

So on that day, even though it is technically only the beginning of Winter, I have encouragement, in my mind, that days are getting longer and brighter, and Spring  is on the way!  This thought helps me to bear the cold of winter; the shorter, darker days, the longer, colder nights!

I live in Portland, Oregon.  Generally we do not have harsh winters, but they are COLD!  It is not the extreme cold of the East, but in truth, I am a wimp, and prefer those moderate temperatures – not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter  (maybe I’m secretly Goldilocks!).  Oregon, for me has been exactly that, most years.

This is the rhythm of nature.  I expect it.  I expect Spring to follow Winter, I expect Summer to follow Spring, I expect Fall to follow Summer, and I expect Winter to follow Fall.  I am not surprised by it.

I don’t like winter, and truthfully, I don’t really care for summer that much, at least when it gets really hot  (and by REALLY hot, I mean over 80 degrees! 😉 )  But even though Spring and Fall are my FAVORITE seasons, I appreciate them MORE because of Winter and Summer!

I have learned that the Law of Rhythm, in nature, works the same in all of life!  There is no staying in one season forever and ever.  There is no such thing as stagnation!  Fascinatingly I have known that particular fact, coming to my own conclusion, even as a child!  I saw that nothing stays the same.

So with THAT knowledge, I can know, if something is not going the way I prefer it to, or seems like it’s bad, then thankfully, good is on the way, and I can appreciate it that much more!

Just like knowing that December 22nd is the Winter Solstice, and the days start getting longer and brighter from that point on, in “bad” situations, I know that lighter, brighter, longer days are on their way!

This rhythm gives me two main things:  HOPE for a brighter future, and APPRECIATION (GRATITUDE) when it comes!


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