Yellow Water

By Judy Young

Growing up, we drank our water from the kitchen faucet.  I no longer do that, because I live in a 100 year old home – which has not (yet) been updated.  If the faucet goes unused for a long enough time, the water SOMETIMES comes out yellow!  I also don’t fill ice trays to put in the freezer, for the same reason.

BUT, I like my drinks ice cold – water, soda, juice…  So I use a lot of ice (which comes into my home in bags of ice)!  Most days, if there is still ice remaining in my cup I will place it into the freezer, to re-freeze the ice, and save it for another time.  (Being frugal?  lol 😀 )

I watch as this ice does many things…

Sometimes it melts into my drink, and I consume it.  It then becomes another liquid in my body, which is dispersed appropriately.  😉

Sometimes, if I leave the cup out for too long, it starts getting condensation on the outside of the glass, and then my cup sits in a ring of water on the surface it is sitting on.  Of course, this gets cleaned up, and that condensated water is transferred to a cloth or paper towel, and dispersed somewhere else (the trash, a washing machine, etc.)

Sometimes, once I have finished my drink, it melts into the glass.  Once it has melted into the glass, if it’s not too melted, I place that cup back into the freezer, to return it to its’ ice form, to use another time.  If it is too melted, it gets poured down the sink.

After learning about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, I am fascinated by this process, and realize how I see this every day!  The simplest most easy way to understand that, in my opinion, is by using the example of water, as it changes in and out of its’ various forms, vapor, mist, water, snow, rain, hail, ice, etc.

From my example above, I realize NOW that water NEVER goes away!  It just IS!  In one form or another, it is ALWAYS present!   And, I realized, it is only a matter of calling forth, or bringing forth that particular form – whichever form I am looking for in any given moment.  I CAN take part in creating, so to speak, almost any form of water I choose to.  Whether it’s taking water and freezing it into ice, or allowing it to melt into the glass, or the condensation that forms on the outside of the glass, etc., it is ALWAYS there.  What I do WILL, in fact, have a direct effect on what form this water takes.


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