Nature Responds to Actions

By Judy Young

My yard is very fertile.  I see new things growing that I did NOT plant, on a regular basis.  But SOMEBODY planted these new things!  Someone, or something CAUSED these new plants to grow; whether it was my friendly neighborhood, gardener-on-the-side squirrels, or bird droppings, or wind carrying seeds, or maybe my next door neighbors just want to beautify my yard!

The Law of Cause and Effect is the easiest to understand, in my opinion, because it’s simple math.  You do this, you get that, what goes up must come down, etc.  It makes me think of the old joke which tells about a man who went to his doctor and said, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”  The doctor replied, “Then DON’T do that!”  Cause and effect!  By LAW, nature MUST respond to our actions!

Things ARE predictable because of this law of nature!

When I start feeling poorly, I can promise you, it’s because I have missed out on a LOT of sleep!  That is the first thing that happens ~ I start getting cold-like symptoms!  BUT, as soon as  I catch up on my sleep, those symptoms go away (as long as I haven’t let it go for too long!)

This is EXCELLENT news!  When things are predictable, we can use this to our advantage!  The KEY point to this, is TAKING ACTION!  Any action!

It doesn’t matter if that action is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but doing something to get you moving WILL cause a response, and then you’ll know if you need to adjust, go in another direction, or keep moving forward in the direction you have chosen.  By the Law of Cause and Effect, you’ll receive feedback from the direction you’ve chosen, and be able to make course corrections!

I know, as a flight attendant, that our airplanes are adjusting course continually.  Whether they are changing and adjusting due to being knocked off course by wind, or we have to change altitudes because of turbulence, or we have to change course to go around a storm, we are always adjusting course, BUT, our goal remains constant!  BUT, if a plane waited until ALL conditions were exactly right, they would NEVER go anywhere, because life does not consist of “perfect” conditions!

The airplane just has to move, and make adjustments as they go along, just as we do!  And we USE the Law of Cause and Effect (observing the results we get by moving in a certain direction), to help propel us into the future we want!


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