Results Will Come

By Judy Young

If I plant a seed in the ground, and nourish it properly, it will grow.
If I drop a coin in a vending machine, and push the buttons, making a selection, it will be delivered.
If I step on an elevator, and choose a floor, it will take me there.
If I drink water, it will process through my body, and nourish me.
If I go to college, choose a major, take all the classes, and submit all the homework and tests, I’ll get my degree.
If I feed and nourish a child, he/she will  likely grow up to be a healthy adult.

In part, this Law is tied to the Law of Cause and Effect, in that, if THIS, then THAT!  But, the point of this law is twofold; one it IS coming.  We KNOW it.  We don’t doubt.  There’s NO ambiguity. And two; each seed takes it’s due time.  A planted seed is not showing up as a flower tomorrow. Coins in a vending machine, and buttons pushed produce its’ results immediately – it doesn’t take years!  I don’t sign up for college, and get my degree right away.  Every seed has a different gestation period, and we understand it, and expect it!

Just like a woman who is pregnant.  She expects to have a child in her arms nine months later.

There are no questions in each of these situations.  There is no doubt.  There is no uncertainty.  We KNOW and FULLY EXPECT and BELIEVE the result is coming!

This Law of Gestation is the most exciting to me, because it gives a new HOPE and PROMISE of things to come.  It is an encouragement, and a comfort!

If I nourish a Dream Seed, and keep weeds of doubt from smother that Dream Seed ~ just like a baby in the womb, just like putting coins in and pushing buttons on a vending machine, just like doing all the right stuff to get my college degree ~ the results ARE coming!!  No one doubts, no one expects anything less!

That said, I know from time to time, things do not work out, but that just means something as good as, or better, is coming along!  But generally speaking, THIS Law helps me to know and to BELIEVE, helps me to keep doubt at bay, and hold on to hope that my dream seed will come to fruition!

I am expecting!


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