Worry will not speed up the process

By Elise Adams

Sometimes I feel like a child who wants to know how many more days until Christmas and what each of her presents will be. But no one will tell me! I cry and beg and plead! It doesn’t matter how I wrestle with the All Knowing Being, He won’t tell me. I will never know. I just have to wait.

The Law of Gestation states that every seed has an incubation period required for it’s full development. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we knew the gestation time of all our dreams and ideas? Imagine going to a ‘life store’ and seeing all the wishes of our hearts on the shelves, with a tag showing us how many days, weeks or years it will require to make it come true? We could ‘shop’ for the dreams that would be just right for our lives. After saving all our pennies, purchase the ones that would take enough time for our plans to fit into the calendar just so. Ah. How would it be eh?

Unfortunately, (or perhaps NOT so unfortunately), this is not the case. Nope. Oh, you might say, “But wait! Elise, we DO know that it takes about 40 weeks for a baby to develop. We DO know approximately how many days certain seeds need to grow in order to feed our families. We have the gestation period of A LOT of things, species and so forth.” To this I would respond….yes, you are right! We do. God has given us much light and knowledge. He has enlightened so many scientific minds. We are blessed to know so much about the world in which we live.

Fortunately God knows us well enough and understands – giving us ALL the information is not the best plan. If we KNEW how long it would take to reach our dreams, would we go for them? If we had a crystal ball and could SEE the heart ache and frustration the NOT knowing would give us – would we work toward any of them? I mean, be honest – if you REALLY knew the gestation period of your deepest desires, would you even get out of bed? I wouldn’t. I bet that knowledge would be overwhelming, and quite possibly paralyzing.

Every idea ‘seed’ has an incubation process, or gestation period. How do we know the length of time we must wait? We don’t. The time for each dream, or idea, varies from person to person. Every idea is a little different, every person is unique, so each one (even in the same individual’s life) will also vary in length and process. For some people this knowledge is comforting, knowing their ideas just need time and the right environment to grow and develop. For others, this can be extremely discouraging. We may feel like a child waiting for Christmas! How much more time? How much longer must I wait?

We have been advised, by Leslie Householder in her book “Hidden Treasures, Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters”, there are, in fact, two elements within our control that will assist in the gestation period of our idea seeds. She suggests, “We can increase the intensity of our seeking.” And “We can improve the quality of our faith through study, practice and obedience.”

Look at it this way. We only have so much control. As Leslie suggests, we can work diligently to improve our seeking. We can put effort into increasing our faith. Both of those take time and effort, not to mention sacrifice. AFTER we have done all we can do, we must let go and let God. Worry and stress about how long it is taking, will NOT, I repeat will NOT speed up the process. We must do ALL we can do. And then let go. Do not let fear interfere! Fill our minds with the sweet assurance that God knows and loves us, and all will be well with Him at the helm.


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