Bad Karma

By Elise Adams

Let’s talk about the Law of Cause and Effect. Have you ever heard of an improv comedy group called Studio C? AH! You haven’t? They are clever. Watching their sketches always gives me a chuckle, in turn helping me feel a little better about life. (Isn’t it funny how a simple thing like a good laugh will improve our outlook?)

Studio C has a bit they do on Karma. Specifically Bad Karma. They even have a little jingle to go along with them. (If you were here with me I would sing the tune for you.) There is a female character who, when she sees something unfortunate happen to someone else erupts into mocking laughter. Her actions are very rude, and simultaneously hilarious. For instance, while biking, her friend runs over a big rock and then falls, breaking her leg. Laughing loudly, mocking her friend, she then hits an even bigger rock herself, falling and then sliding down the road a very long time. Almost immediately after mocking this other person, something much worse happens to HER! Bad Karma! There is another one involving ice cream cones that is equally funny. You’ll have to look it up!

What do the Bad Karma sketches from Studio C have to do with the Law of Cause and Effect? According to the Law of Cause and Effect, what goes around comes around. “The Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Nothing happens by chance. Our actions are like perfectly obedient boomerangs: whatever we send out will return to us, BY LAW.” (Hidden Treasures, Householder)

This law is also thought of as the Law of the Harvest, or The Golden Rule. My mom taught us The Golden Rule by repeating often “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. This is good advice for everyone!

The Law of Cause and Effect teaches that genuine kindness to others is more than just a good idea. Showing respect and honor to all people, all living things for that matter, has greater ramifications than we realize. If we think offering a kind word or gesture is simple and of little consequence, we are wrong! ‘What goes around comes around’ is not just a nice philosophy of life. It is part of this law. The effects cannot be avoided. When we are unkind, unkindness will be returned to us. Being rude, disrespectful and dishonest will by LAW come back to us. Depending on how you live your life, this knowledge can be good news, or bad news.

I like how it is stated by Leslie Householder in her book, “Hidden Treasures, Heaven’s Astonishing Help with your Money Matters.” “If we immediately see the results of our kindness, then it is easy to take the credit. If we are kind and generous, without expectation of a reward, then it is the Lord’s delight to involve as many people in the blessing as possible, and who can help but give him the glory when the blessing comes back from someplace unexpected?” In our life it may take two or even twenty transactions for the good (or bad) actions on our part to come back to us.

But rest assured, they WILL come.


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