When the Time is Right

By Michelle Taylor

The law of Gender/Gestation says that whatever we focus on or think about will be what is created and that it takes time for what we want to create to come into reality. We think about planting a seed, but we have to know what we want out of what we plant.  If we want a peach tree, we will plant a peach seed, not an apple seed. It takes time for the seed to be planted and at the right season and time that seed will turn into a peach tree from which we can enjoy the fruit. Many years ago, I had an amazing experience with this law. 

At a very young age of 13, I was wondering about marriage and how you would know if the person you married was the right person.  I was at a church youth activity and I took the time to talk to my father about my concern and he told me to look for a man who loved God more than anything and only wanted to do what God asked. I came out of one of the classrooms after talking to my dad.  The youth group was beginning to end and they asked a boy to say the prayer. I knew that he was new to the area and when I heard him pray it was as if he knew God.  I said to myself that I wanted to find a man to marry that had that kind of relationship with God.  

A few months later, I turned 14 and went to my first dance. I watched most of the dance.  As I was watching, the boy I had heard praying months earlier, was there and he looked like he was having a lot of fun.  I thought to myself, I want to find a guy who has fun like that.  I had hoped to dance the last song of the dance with someone.  I had created this whole picture in my mind.  The DJ announced the last song and I waited.  Nobody asked me to dance with them, so I quickly started heading towards the bathroom to cry.  The boy I had been watching was dancing with his girlfriend.  She saw me and I overheard her telling him to ask me to dance.  I felt embarrassed, but he was so kind and didn’t make me feel awkward at all. Again, I thought to myself, I hope to find someone who is respectful and kind like this guy. 

As time went on, I graduated high school and moved to Mexico to live with my grandmother.  I lived there for 9 months, I was engaged to marry, and then felt impressed to return home.  When I returned home, I went to work at my dad’s jewelry shop, and went to lunch at a nearby fast food restaurant.  While there, the guy that I had heard pray so many years before was there with his father.  He was four years older than I was and had been engaged before.  He had broken off the engagement and moved, so I never thought I would see him again.  Because I had never really spoken to him, other than the dance years earlier, I didn’t say hello. 

The next Sunday, I saw him at church and realized he was not married.  The same day, I learned that the guy I had been engaged to had lied to me and it was not going to work out to marry him.  Weeks passed and I began talking to “the guy”.  We got to know each other and went out on a date.  I was open with him about my feelings for him and miraculously it did not scare him away.  We married four months after our first date.  

I did not have to think about what I wanted so specifically, but the words of my father were a strong presence in my mind and stuck there for a long time.  I saw in my husband many years before the things that I desired.  I never thought that I would marry him, but I wanted to marry someone like him.  It took time for things to work out.  There were ups and downs in the process, but we got there.  I did not create this on my own.  My husband had been creating during this time as well.  Both our creations brought us together.  I fulfilled what he wanted and he fulfilled what I was looking for.  It took 6 years for this to gestate and I got exactly what I had planted in my heart years before.  

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