Genius Bootcamp or Mindset Mastery: Which One Should I Do?


Today’s Q/A is about the difference between my two core programs: Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp.

T.D. asks:

“Hi Leslie and crew! I am trying to decide which would be the best course of action for me; the Genius Bootcamp or the Mindset Mastery course. Should one be done before the other, or can either be done on its own? I am currently working my way through the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse, and of course, loving it! What should my next step be? Thanks a bunch! Ever grateful, T.D.”

Here’s my reply:

Hi T.D.!

They can be done in either order. People who do Mindset Mastery first do better in Genius Bootcamp, but those who do Genius Bootcamp first often do better in Mindset Mastery. We have people who repeat both and have a different experience the second time around, especially if they did the other program in the meantime.

So, here’s something to help you decide:

Mindset Mastery was based on the books Hidden Treasures and Jackrabbit Factor, so it will be more along the lines of what you’re studying now in the Fundamentals Ecourse. It will help you identify and define some goals to which you will apply the principles, and then it walks you through the experiment of achieving them. It’s best if you can dedicate at least three months to the process. Many people take up to a year or more to get through the course, because it gives you assignments to complete and principles to test before moving on to the next lesson.

On the other hand, Genius Bootcamp is based on the Jackrabbit sequel, Portal to Genius, and is designed to help you problem solve the immediate dilemma right in front of you. It’s about finding the genius idea for dealing with today’s crisis. It’s a 3-day workshop, so with that comes the challenge of remembering what you learn there and keeping yourself motivated for long-term change. A lot of people come to Genius Bootcamp to deal with the immediate challenge, and then get Mindset Mastery while they’re there (because there’s usually an event discount) so they have something to keep their head in the game until thinking in line with the principles becomes a habit in the months going forward.

If you do Mindset Mastery first, you may get through part of it and face a dilemma which needs the Genius Bootcamp skills, so there are people who get part way through and then attend a Genius Bootcamp in the middle to keep themselves from staying stuck.

So I guess it just all depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish, and what you feel you’re currently missing the most. Do you need help getting clarity and seeing a goal through, or do you need a jump start to get beyond an obstacle already in your way?

I hope this helps – maybe it raises even more questions. Let me know if you need further assistance.



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    Thank you so much! This is exactly the information I needed! I guess I’m going to bootcamp next month! Weeee! haha

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