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Jimi found herself wondering why things weren’t working out the way she thought they should. She had been studying success principles for over 25 years, but had only experienced financial gain in just ONE of her many business adventures.

So even though she was already a Mindset Mastery student (a course focused on identifying and achieving life goals), she also came to Genius Bootcamp (a workshop focused on solving the immediate, pressing problem). She wanted help getting into the right mindset so she could intentionally enlist, recognize, and trust the genius, inspired idea that would come. She was looking for the right inspired NEXT step, uniquely prescribed just for her. At Bootcamp we do just that through a process that is personal and invisible to the instructor and other participants.

Here is her experience, in her own words:

“I asked a question in the Weekly Forum a few weeks ago because I got hung up on the financial bit in my [Mindset Mastery] life goal… I had set a goal and a time frame that I missed, and it really messed with my head. I was sure that I would achieve that goal, but looking back I am so grateful that I didn’t, because truly I wasn’t ready to receive it and it would have been in vain if I had.

“I went to Genius Bootcamp in August to get some clarification on how to proceed with my business, and had the intention that I would leave Bootcamp with a great plan of action to make my business prosper.

“However, what I found at Bootcamp was revelation that I needed to stop pursuing business.

“I needed to ‘focus on the fundamental job of JUST being a wife and mother.’ I am to ‘homeschool my son to the best of my ability and to create a peaceful home environment.’

“Six months ago I had an adrenal fatigue crash and was in the hospital for 4 days and spent the next month in bed because my blood pressure would raise and drop so quickly that I would pass out. I was unable to raise or turn my head quickly without being completely dizzy and unable walk unassisted for about sis weeks. If I over do it I am back in bed for days or weeks until I get balanced back out.

“Most people would recognize that they need to take time to heal and be abundantly grateful for the opportunity to stay at home, to heal and sleep as much as needed and a spouse that fully supports that. WHAT A BLESSING! And I am abundantly grateful!! But I also see my husband trying to carry the financial burden on his own and the stress of my condition worries him so much. I feel guilt. Also, for as long as I can remember I have had the strongest desire to be ‘successful’ in my own business and to help others. It is a constant ache in my gut! I have tried so many businesses and have been a constant learner of Mindset and business teaching for over twenty-five years, but have not achieved financial gain in any but one of my business adventures.

“In all that time I had the mindset that I was seeking wealth for my children and my husband. But 3/4 of my children are now adults and they have watched me spend money and time away from our family in search of something I have yet to obtain. In all that time I never learned how to Just be a Wife and a Mother. I rarely cook. Our home is unorganized and even with just my husband and one son at home I struggle to keep up with the housework. It simply is not my priority.

“I have been seeking treasure and acceptance from strangers and according to my actions I valued my business propositions more than my husband and son or even myself, and honestly, even above God. I had established my worth in how much money I can earn, how successful I can be.

“I went to Genius Bootcamp seeking my plan of action to Be Successful, and I believe that through the Bootcamp process I opened my heart and was Really Ready to Receive the TRUTH and I DID NOT LIKE IT!!! It sounds so easy. So simple. Just Rest. Heal. Be at Peace. Just enjoy being Wife and a Mother. In truth it is my deepest desire, and I think I have been afraid that it would be my biggest failure.

“I think maybe I believed if I found success in business I would be Worthy of finding Peace, to Rest and enjoy my family? I know this Mindset Mastery group is about finding ‘Time and Money Freedom’ but I think the point of that is to find PEACE… Maybe if we can find Peace in the midst of the debt and a messy house and find the value in who I am as a human and not in what I can achieve, then it might be abundantly easier to allow financial success to find me…

“If money is currency and always needs to be flowing, I need to let go of my attachment to it and stop trying to ‘squeeze’ and simply allow it to flow… So, I need to Just be a Wife and a Mom and homeschool my son the best that I can and create a peaceful home environment. And that might be the Most CHALLENGING thing I have ever done!…

This is huge insight, and I will attest that her suspicions are correct. At least that has been my experience. I can totally relate to her desire and struggle to succeed, and to the counter-intuitive solution she was inspired to consider.

Sometimes it feels like, if we do that next inspired thing, everything will come crashing down. It’s an act of faith to do the thing we know we were instructed to do.

The voice of our Father in Heaven is quiet, peaceful, and pure. As we learn to recognize it and trust it, we are blessed. But we need to be aware that just because we detect a voice, it doesn’t always mean it’s from God. As Elder Boyd K. Packer explains: “Not all inspiration comes from God… The evil one has the power to tap into those channels of revelation and send conflicting signals which can mislead and confuse us. There are promptings from evil sources which are so carefully counterfeited as to deceive even the very elect (see Matthew 24:24),” (Reason and Revelation, Dallin H. Oaks, From The Lord’s Way, pp. 45-766).

When I detect a prompting, I check it against the truths I’ve already come to know. I look ahead to see what the fruit will be. Does the fruit align with eternal gospel principles? Does the fruit feed my ego? Does it build His Kingdom? This is not to say that business success is not part of His plan for his children, because it is. But He always has a way of encouraging us to pursue things in the right order.

And so often, His ways are not man’s ways.

Some of the other members of the Mindset Mastery Group weighed in with these insightful comments:

“Well your Genius Bootcamp answer is a beautiful one! Perhaps in the embracing of that answer, as you throw yourself into it, at the level that you can, as you find that peace you are seeking… Perhaps the other desires will fall in your lap. When you let go of the BUSINESS success you’ve been seeking. That’s happened to me totally. Letting go is where it’s at.” – Dawn

“Dawn, thank you!💕 It feels so backwards to be trying NOT to think about business. I suppose it’s like the apostles when the ocean was crazy and Jesus just told them to just chill out- how do you just chill out when there is so much to be done? But shouldn’t I be doing something? but, but….. We know how that story goes. We know that it’s all in good hands. I know. I get lost in the moment and then the hour and then days later I’m in a panic and I can’t figure out what’s wrong and then – oh ya- I got off track… I’m looking at jobs on Facebook. I’m watching “how to make millions uploading documents to Amazon” and even Bob Proctor has a “watch this webinar to learn how to make millions” Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Ramsey, they all have a webinar showing their opportunities to get wealthy. Real estate investing is very big right now. I have never been so Aware of opportunities in my life. 😂. I feel pulled in so many attention grabbing directions and they are all a diversion.

Maybe I need a social media fast? I wonder what I could accomplish without internet for a few days?🥺😂😂😂” – Jimi

“LOL, totally get that! The sponsored ads that run across my feed. DISTRACTION. But what’s most important? Learning to take the Holy Spirit as your guide. He can teach you all things. If you listen to what He’s already directed you, you can let your mind settle, and you can begin to really listen. He will lead you along step by step and you won’t miss a thing. I learned this great thing from my friend Wally. (Wallace Wattles) Give more in use value than cash value. Leslie is a great example of this. She’s given away thousands and thousands of copies of her books. And so much more. And it brings business to her. She doesn’t have to go out seeking. She knows the laws, she knows what she wants and IT COMES TO HER. I’m having the same experience, but need to shift it. I don’t do ALL THE THINGS that realtors are told to do to be successful. NONE of it. I just show up every day, and I know that business is coming my way. I pray over my clients and their properties. I don’t worry about it. When something goes awry, I KNOW that God will make it up to me. And He does. I don’t fret over real estate any more (other than the perfect time to quit, which I’ve tried multiple times, but haven’t completely yet. Baby stepping out of it)…

(continued) “SO, if you give more use value to your family right now (to your ability to do so given your adrenals) than cash value, you will see a tremendous return in all of your life. That rare faith is really the sweet spot. I think the greatest thing I ever heard Leslie say, was at a talk up in Utah Valley a few years ago at Kris Krohn’s house. It was about doubt. And this is where we all get stuck, even when we know better. The gist of her thoughts was, that the key to rare faith isn’t mustering MORE faith, it’s doubting LESS. What does doubt look like for you? Hand wringing, intrusive thoughts, wondering yourself to death? I don’t know, that was me. Haha. It’s really really TRUSTING the process, the outcomes, the timeframes, to ‘just’ work out. They really do. And as I have pondered Wally’s wisdom, I have found that ANYWHERE I PUT IN EFFORT, pays off everywhere else. So, be the most amazing mom and wife you can be, and let your mind rest in the other areas. As you relax those parts, you’ll get promptings. Don’t jump. Just write them down. Ponder them. Ask good questions like you’ve been taught. Wait for answers. Write them down. Take action when prompted. And you’ll wake up one day knowing the timing is right, and then you will be unstoppable. Good luck. I know you can do this beautiful thing you’ve been given to do. It is the most important work of all.” – Dawn

“What an incredible experience! Let go and let God prosper us in his time. I feel that I to have to learn from your experience. Thank you for sharing!!” – Corazon

“It sounds so easy. How often do we say “Let Go and Let God” but truly it is a challenge. 💕 We can encourage each other! 😊” – Jimi

“You are amazing Jimi, and I know that as you trust in and move towards this prompting, all your desires will come to fruition but where before you would have felt unrest, you will have peace, harmony and joy because you have accepted with an open heart the blessings you have been given…a wonderful husband and children to love and who are helping you become the woman God meant for you to be. I can totally relate to your struggles and I found when Iet God’s will be done in my life, is when everything changed. You will be successful because you are already an amazing mother!” – Rosa

“Rosa, 😭💕 Thank you!!! That really touches my heart because I know you can relate! So, I guess letting go is hardest so it brings the biggest blessings? And Ouch! Lol you are so right! If I achieved great wealth at the expense of my family I would never be able to enjoy it. It would never be “enough” and I would be stuck always seeking more just as I have even though I am already abundantly blessed! Thank you! 💕” – Jimi

“Jimi, you got it missy! Now that you see, I think it will come easier than you think. Stay in gratitude ALWAYS! When you start to have those unproductive thoughts, recognize them for what they are and return to gratitude, even if it is gratitude to being able to see that those thoughts are no longer serving you. Love you and I’m so excited for you!” – Rosa

Rosa, that is my biggest struggle right now- catching those thoughts before they lead me down a rabbit hole! I believe that is where I have to start! Just being hyper aware of my Thoughts! Bah, ha, ha…😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Who woulda thought? 😂😂😂” – Jimi

All this reminds me of Larry Lawrence’s talk called “What Lack I Yet”:

The Spirit of God teaches us step by step, at a pace we can handle. Sometimes it feels like we can’t handle that next step, but it really is broken down for us piecemeal. And for that I am grateful. As we exercise obedience to each of those inspired nudges, we are led step-by-step to receive ALL the blessings the Lord has to give us.


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