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Some of our Guided Mindset Mastery students expressed how much our weekly video zoom meetings help them, and how much they wish the calls didn’t have to end when they completed their program.

Our spike in graduation applications is a testament to how effective those weekly calls have been!

Good news!

We listened, and have created an ONGOING Weekly Forum for that very purpose, and make it open to everyone who is a Mindset Mastery participant (past or present), not just Guided class members.

Did you hear that???


The Mindset Mastery Weekly Forum!

The Weekly Forum is available for ANY participant who wants continual Q/A and discussion for the extra edge it provides for helping the principles become habitual, instinctive, and intuitive.

We want you to graduate! We want you to achieve that goal you’re working on right now!

This new weekly call will be FREESTYLE – in other words, it won’t be tied to any particular lesson the way our Guided Mindset Mastery Class is.

No, THIS special discussion will focus completely on YOUR burning questions that you and other students submit on a week to week basis.

Imagine that!


Even though the Forum won’t focus on any specific lesson, you’ll actually get access to each of the GUIDED Mindset Mastery lesson recordings for ALL previous sessions, at no extra charge!!

The students in those classes generously agreed to let their session recordings be made available to YOU. Join the Forum and you’ll find out why they would agree to such a thing.

Powerful stuff!!

What better way is there to go deep, get your questions answered, and glean all the nuggets inside these powerful concepts that change lives?

Your month-to-month access to this special discussion begins:

  • Thursday (and each Thursday after except holidays)
  • 5:00 pm PT / 6:00 MT / 7:00 CT / 8:00 ET
  • Replay available if you can’t attend

Originally sold at $597 for three months membership, we have dropped the price to only $38.95/mo!

(Those who already purchased at the higher price were given their choice of 16 months pre-paid Weekly Forum membership, or credit toward another product and 6 months membership)

To participate in the Weekly Forum at just $38.95/mo, you must be a Mindset Mastery program participant (past or present), OR be a Mindset Mastery Graduate.

If you have NEVER been a Mindset Mastery student, join here first: http://bit.ly/mm-online

After you have been enrolled in Mindset Mastery at any level and at any time, enroll in the Weekly Forum here for just $38.95/mo: Register here for the Weekly Forum

SPECIAL BONUS: We occasionally bring special guests to present on topics of particular interest, including:

  • Dr. Cari Skrdla: “Operating in God’s Economy” – learning to trust God will provide as you turn your focus to His work (series is complete, recordings available now)
  • Dr. Glenn J. Kimber: “America Where Goest Thou” – how and why to be optimistic regardless of the current political climate (begins Dec 19, 2019)

See you there!

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