Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

By Renae Pelo

Universal laws are always working. You may remember from Jr. High chemistry that everything is either coming into form or going out of form at all times. That is called the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. What does that have to do with living the laws of prosperity and success?

Consider the goals you are working on right now. Are they coming or going? Is that within your control? What can you do besides working harder and longer?

The universal laws we are talking about are thinking laws. Yes, of course, thinking leads to action. The goal is set with thinking and it is received through action. Let’s consider the thinking part as pertains to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.

Have you ever had something show up in your life with seemingly no effort on your part and wonder how it happened? Last fall I decided I wanted to attend the local college football game, much to the surprise of my husband and others. You see, I usually opt to stay home and do something less taxing, like read a book or do some gardening. Football games are usually hot and always very long. I usually go to one game and then remember why I didn’t go to more than one last year. That’s why my husband bought only one season ticket this year.

As the season progressed and our team was winning, I got the idea that I really would like to take in a game if the circumstances were perfect. It had to be a night game with a team we would likely beat. There were no tickets available, but a few days before the target game I announced my desire to go anyway. It didn’t look very promising and I didn’t stress about it. I just thought held my thought that it would be fun to go this once. It made me excited just to think about it.

Our son in law and grandson have seats next to us. The night before the game my daughter called to say that our grandson was sick and wouldn’t be going. Did I know someone who could use the ticket? I happily said I would like to go and I did. It was a balmy evening and we won. It was a fun evening, just as I planned.

At what point was it made possible for me to go to the game? I believe that as soon as I had the desire to go to the game, the events were set in motion. I mentioned it to my husband and in time things fell into place. Energy was in motion creating my desires. I am not saying that I made my grandson sick. It could have happened in any number of ways. I am only saying that circumstances are perpetually coming or going according to our thoughts. I thought it was a nice idea and it happened.

Have you ever saved yourself a parking spot in front of the store you were headed for? This is one of the simplest demonstrations of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Just picture yourself pulling into that perfect spot and leave for town. It may not happen every time, but try it and see how often it does.

Now back to your current goals. Since everything is coming or going according to our thoughts it gives you a measure of control over the results you get. In fact, it gives you a lot of control. Have you ever noticed how the people who believe are the ones who receive? Do you believe your goals will be achieved or is your mind filled with doubt and fear? In either case, your thoughts will determine the outcome.

Make yourself a chart with your goal written at the top. Then make two columns under it. In the left hand column write all the reasons why your goal won’t happen and in the right hand column write all the ways it will happen. Put a big X through the left hand column and read the list on the right first thing every morning and last thing at night. You are opening up that perfect parking spot for your goal to pull into. You will know what to do to make it happen. Just play with it and have fun. Consciously applying the universal laws of prosperity and success make it fun and easy. This universal law is just one of seven powerful laws that can make your goal achievement predictable.


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