Applying the Law of Relativity

By Renae Pelo

What do you know about the Law of Relativity? We aren’t talking about Einstein here. We are talking about the universal laws of prosperity and success, the laws of thought.

Perhaps a story will demonstrate this law best.

The baseball game was tied with the winning runner on the way home. The ball flew home just as the runner slid across the plate. The crowd went wild. “He’s safe.” “He’s out.” The umpire stepped forward and exclaimed, “It’s nothing until I call it.” The law of relativity states that a situation is neither good nor bad until thinking makes it so. We get to choose. Our choices make all the difference in the outcome of our lives. This law is mainly about perspective.

As a nine year old farm girl I began my life as an entrepreneur motivated by an ad in my brother’s Boys Life Magazine. The full page ad held displays of tantalizing trinkets for boys and girls plus a simple way to earn them. All I would have to do is to sell a certain number of packets of garden seeds and I would own that art set outright. I wouldn’t be satisfied with the ball and jacks or the jump rope. I wanted the big prize, the set of paints, brushes and papers. It took forever for the seeds to arrive but when they did I was in business.

Living three and a half miles from town on a lonely dirt road was a distinct disadvantage, but I would not be daunted. I would stay after school and walk home, stopping at each farmhouse along the way. By the time I got home I would be ready to order my prize.

I put the packets in my lunch sack and rode the bus to school. All day long I was rehearsing my sales pitch. It probably went something like this. “I am selling seeds. Do you want to buy some?” I had no sales training but I knew what I wanted and I would ask for it.

After the final school bell rang I was off like a shot heading north out of town along that country road. Most of the people knew me and some were kind enough to buy a packet or two of seeds.

Finally, a half hour from home, I approached a house where I didn’t know the occupants. I was sure they would be friendly since everyone else had been. There were only a couple houses after this one. I would earn my prize and go home triumphant.

I walked up the steps to the front door of the old brick house. I knocked confidently and no one answered. I knocked again and heard a faint voice say, “Go around back.” Hurriedly I ran around the house and through the gate into the back yard where an old lady stood on the porch with her big, black dog. To me she looked like the witch in Hansel and Gretel. “Come here,” she said.

I froze in my tracks and then the dog jumped off the porch and my feet grew wings. I screamed and ran with all my might. I was sure I heard the lady cackling at me as the dog nipped at my heels. I cried down the road until the dog finally went back home.

I walked and ran the rest of the way home, wiping my tears all the way. My hopes were dashed along with my confidence and my sales career. There would be no prize for me.

How different it might have been if I had understood The Law of Relativity. What if my mother had insisted on bringing me back to face my fears, the lady and her dog? What if my perspective had changed and I would have earned the prize? What if?

It didn’t happen but I have learned to change my perspective many times in my life. Now that I understand the Law of Relativity, I consciously change my thinking often. I know that my personal success and prosperity depend on it. Learning to be a conscious participant in living the Universal Laws keeps me from thinking I am a victim and brings me what I want in life.

Have you studied the other six universal laws of prosperity and success yet? Do yourself a favor by doing so now.


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