It’s Part of the Process

By Linda Knudsen

Along with the struggling economy came our family’s struggle. We lost our home, our rental properties, two of our vehicles, and became obligated with some heavy burdens as businesses failed; both our own and others we had invested in heavily. I believe we would have succumbed to major depression and anxiety had we not learned that this would be part of the process of achieving our goals.

We had peace in our affliction and I knew that this was temporary and by law we would experience its opposite, for as Napoleon Hill emphatically states, “Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

When I first learned about the Law of Polarity many years ago I had the feeling that I ought to really learn this for it would become a valuable treasure. I took special care to learn the principle at an internal level.

Therefore, when times got tough for our family, this law seemed to be second nature to me. It was this law which saw me through some of our toughest struggles. I knew that no matter how tough the challenge became, there was going to be the struggle’s complete opposite come which far surpassed the pain and heartache. Though anyone looking from the outside in had every reason to doubt this!

When we are on the road to achieving some of our loftiest dreams and goals, we may find some stumbling blocks placed in our path. Have you read that quote which reads something to the tune of, “stumbling blocks or stepping stones, it is our choice”.

It was because of these major setbacks that my husband felt he needed to surrender and go get a “job”. Having been self-employed for the past several years this, in a way, felt like we’d been defeated. The fact was, we needed food and shelter for our 6 children. We thought it was a temporary fix to get us through the short term cash crunch. Yet it was because of this job that the seed of our “greater benefit” was discovered!

My husband worked on an assembly line. The job was very monotonous. He couldn’t help but think how much better his job would be if he could at least listen to his music or a book. Earplugs were worn to protect their hearing from the loud machinery and all he needed to do was figure out how to put sound into them. After some trial and error he found himself ordering parts from China and setting up shop in our 1100 sq. foot rental house in the bedroom/office/workshop. We literally had to scoot around to get from one side of the bed, past the desk, past the work station, to the bathroom. What a fun and entertaining challenge! It was fun and entertaining because we knew it was temporary and that by law, if we were going through challenges, there would one day be great rewards.

Through the creation of this new company we have been able to move to a larger home closer to his work. His employment has provided us with health care benefits (something we did without during our self-employed years). Both his employment and his new idea have given us vision and hope during a time which would otherwise have drowned us in doubt and worry. We have come to appreciate the value of difficult times and the lessons they teach us.

We learned that trials will never go away and it is of the utmost importance that we learn to enjoy the journey with all its ups and downs!

We learned that it is during the struggles that we grow the most. Otherwise we would become complacent and not use all of our talents to the best of our abilities. Life would become monotonous and boring just like his job. Experiencing the challenge gives meaning to the victory, and music to the soul.

American Founding Father, Thomas Paine, declared, “the harder the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”

When faced with challenging stumbling blocks just remember that not only will it pass with time, not only will you be better for it, but it may very well be your stepping stone to success! With this mindset you will one day be shown the benefit. Take heart, for even when you are depressed or overcome by the challenge (which happens to us all) you can know that the benefits are still there.

Just as surely as morning follows the night, as good wins the battle over evil, as love overcomes hate, there is in opposition to your sorrow- JOY! In opposition to your doubt- UNDERSTANDING! And in opposition to your anxiety- PEACE! That is the Law of Polarity!


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