Appreciating Light in the Darkness

By Travis Giauque

Every now and then we may hear people lament the phrase, “Why me, why, why, why?” I myself am guilty of such an utterance in the past. We all know that everything doesn’t always seem to go our way all the time. However, as we permit ourselves to understand, believe, and apply the universal Law of Polarity we will come to understand that everything is working for our benefit and upward progression. It merely comes down to our choice of what we do with the knowledge we gain through experiences. Such is the case with this law.

When I was younger, I can remember making a visit to some caves with good friends of mine. As we were deep in the cavern, the idea was brought up to turn off the flashlights that we had brought along. Upon doing so, darkness enveloped us so thick that you could not see your own hand when it was directly in front of your eyes, regardless of how much you strained to do so. Never was I so glad to be able to have light in that moment as it penetrated the surrounding obscurity.

As I have thought about that experience, I have come to realize that the darkness was very dark, but the light was light nonetheless, regardless of the intensity of the dark. Both were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum and I wouldn’t have appreciated one without the other.

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite and that a bad situation is equally good. I heard it once related as an individual who picks up a stick. Whenever you pick of a stick you pick up both ends, always. They are complete opposite ends but belong to each other. However, we get to choose which end of the stick we are going to use.

As the internal debate of “why me” may rage within ourselves, let us take a moment to view what the other end of the stick may hold for us. What good can be directly opposite of that current trial? Remember, it’s there, by universal law it exists. The trial and the reward are direct opposites of each other – “equal and opposite”, just like the stick. It is, as stated in the book Hidden Treasures by Leslie Householder, “If something is a little bit bad, then it is only a little bit good. If something is catastrophic, then there is, within it, something phenomenal”.

Digest that for a moment as I share one of my experiences where I have come to realize the blessing that was the exact opposite companion to the trial.

At the age of eleven, I experienced excruciating abdominal pain while sledding. I returned home and remained doubled-over in agony for two weeks before my parents and I decided to visit our doctor. We were advised to go to the hospital for more decisive tests. Without a sure knowledge of the cause of pain, but due to the understanding and the recognition of pain I was having, the doctors recommended that I be submitted for some explorative surgery.

Upon their internal inspection, they found that my appendix had ruptured two weeks prior, and the abnormal location of pain I experienced was due to the unexplainable collection of poison in an unusual location. I have come to appreciate the pain I experienced knowing that without it I would never had been seen by doctors and thereby had the poison removed from my body.

As we encounter ourselves involved in situations that try our patience, we can find relief knowing that by law something good is coming from it. We only need to focus and fixate our minds on that reality, being grateful for the difficulty knowing that the blessing exists as well. If we learn to expect the opposite and know that it is true, is real, and exists; good will come our way. We may not know what the opposite, or good is, but we can know and trust that by law it is. We need to choose to focus our view on the other end of the stick even if that end is not yet in view.

Leslie Householder also taught, “If you never look for it, you may never find it, and you could live your whole life only seeing the bad. The high achievers, those who live abundantly, make this a habit: they look for good, and more good comes”. Let us choose to believe in this law, decide to apply it, and enjoy the good that all trials bring, always expecting more to come.


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