Like Music to a Radio

By Travis Giauque

Have you ever known someone who seems to obtain whatever it is that they desire? How does that person live, what typically is their demeanor, what is their outlook on life and situations? Have you ever acquired an item that you felt was so important for you that you truly believed it would come? I believe it safe to assume that we all have, to a certain extent, experienced this kind of happening in our lives, or we know someone like this. I know I have, and yet, I wasn’t aware as to why it happened for me, or another, until I learned about the universal Law of Vibration.

We know, scientifically, that all things have a state of vibration. Yes, even those solid masses we know as rocks have a vibration. Every item in existence is vibrating at some frequency, both those things we see and those that are invisible to the human eye, such as radio waves. When we turn on a radio, we don’t suck music into the room, we have simply tuned the radio into a certain vibrating frequency that was always there in the room with us.

The same applies to things in our lives. If we desire more out of life, we need to learn to vibrate to the same frequency of that which we want so that the two, our desire and the item, are drawn to each other. The vibration of what we desire already exists, we just need to tune into it – like the radio and music.

Take a moment and think of times when this has played true in your life as I share one simple example when it has played true in my life. A pass-time that I enjoy in life is hunting big game animals. A few years ago, I was successful in winning a draw tag to gain permission to hunt trophy mule deer in a certain restricted area for a few weeks. This opportunity wasn’t made available to most people, and I truly desired to take full advantage of the opportunity and harvest a large deer. The first attempt to successfully hunt a deer failed to produce the desire I wished. However, I knew that if I made the effort to go one last time on the upcoming weekend, I would find that deer I was seeking.

During that week, I pleaded with my father and brother to accompany me in the hunt so that we could try again. They both declined, not feeling the outcome would be positive. I, however, knew that if I went, that big buck would be presented. I become very excited about that thought and become giddy with anticipation. As the weekend grew closer, I wondered how I could go without anyone to accompany me, when my wife offered to come along. I looked at her, who was five months pregnant, and told her it wasn’t going to be the most comfortable of situations to be in while expecting. She understood, but knew I really wanted to go and wanted to make sure that I had the opportunity.

That Saturday morning, my wife and I awoke at three o’clock in the morning, jumped in the truck, and drove three hours to the hunting location. The entire time I kept seeing this large buck making himself available to me to harvest. We approached the restricted hunting border and crossed over about ten minutes after sunrise when we saw a herd of twenty mule deer. Two of which were bucks, one descent size, and another at the end of the herd that was quite large. As the herd came our direction, I stopped the truck and kept my eye on the deer.

The herd took off running as I exited, with exception of the large buck that was the last to pass by us. He seemed to be un-startled unlike the others so I took aim and harvested the large mule deer buck. My wife to this day makes fun of me, stating that she didn’t see a smile on my face like that when our children were born. We took the deer home and taken to a taxidermist. Upon the taxidermist’s inspection, he informed us that the mule deer was very old. In fact, his teeth were completely worn down and he was probably not receiving the nutrition he needed and would definitely not have survived the upcoming winter. He told me, “You did this deer a favor”.

This simple story illustrates how my desire to harvest a large mule deer, while believing it would come true and staying positive to that desire, brought my desire and an old deer that would not have survived the winter together.

Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor, paraphrases the Law of Vibration in this way – “Your thoughts control your personal vibration. Change your thoughts, get emotional about them, and you’ll change what is attracted to you”. This rings true for any increase we want to obtain in our lives. Whether it be a simple desire, like harvesting a large deer, or having the thought and idea come to us that will generate an immense abundance of wealth in our lives. Remember, it exists and vibrates, we just need to positively believe that it does and tune-in to its vibration, knowing it will be drawn to us.


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