A Heavenward Roller Coaster

By Travis Giauque

As children, my siblings and I always enjoyed spending time with distant relatives, particularly our grandparents. Typically at the end of such an event or activity, my father would say, “All good things must come to an end”. I would venture to guess that the majority of us have heard other phrases similar to this as it pertains to life’s blessings and enjoyable moments. Another such phrase might be, “It’s too good to last” and to a certain extent this phrase is true. However, application of this phrase with correct knowledge can teach us that if something is “too good” doesn’t mean that there has to be “less good”.

Life is often referred to as a roller coaster which draws the image upon our mind of a track going up and down continuously. Some highs may be greater than others, and some lows lower than others. The Universal Law of Rhythm states “that nature’s movements are cyclical. There is repetition in everything”. Such is the case with our lives and from such experiences has formed the thoughts that good things never last.

However, the idea of life being like a roller coaster can be misleading as to what we have to expect in our lives. That is, we don’t need to expect that with every high there needs to be a low. If we only think of this Law of Rhythm as being described as such, then we have a great opportunity to apply it differently. Instead of seeing a roller coaster with the typical human mind, meaning a consistent horizontal form, view it as a structure that heads towards the sky continually.

Can you see that? Do you see that there are still the same “highs and lows” to its overall form, but that it continually progresses upward without an end? As we believe and apply with law in this way, we come to know that there never really needs to be a “low”, but rather a “plateau” before another upswing.

How many of us have seen, or participated in any form of exercising or weight lifting? Think of the Law of Rhythm in this light. For example, when one begins to lift weights, they begin at the lowest point they can. They work and work with this prescribed weight, struggle at the beginning, but persist regardless. As they continue their work on the upswing, they find the weight becomes lighter. However, we know that they really have become stronger as they have continued on their goal towards personal fitness. Often times a scenario takes place. As our individual continues to progress, they increase their weight allowing them to increase in strength and stamina.

They continue upward on this skyward roller coaster. But something happens; they eventually reach a point where they can’t typically continue increasing their weight. They eventually plateau for a time. And it is during such moments that our weightlifter may feel “down”. Does this mean that they are digressing in their progress? No, it just means that for the muscles they have been working – they have maintained the majority of their strength or progression. So, in order to continue upward, they change their routine and methods, maybe they work different muscles or the same muscles in a different way. This new desire to get out of their slump, or “low”, causes them to move upward again. They haven’t lost what they had achieved before, they just felt that they needed to increase in some way.

As we enjoy our “highs” in life we would benefit greatly as we apply the universal Law of Rhythm as defined above. We change our mindset, recognize that a “low” is really a plateau that we choose, and know that by law and rhythm there is a “high” on its way. It is up to us to decide to view our life in this way. Don’t buy into the phrase that anything good in your life is “too good to last”. Instead, tell yourself out loud that you have reached a plateau in your current situation and your “low” is merely nature letting you know that it’s time to grow again.

You haven’t gone downward; you just simply desire to go upward. Your “too good” hasn’t become “less good”; it simply wants to become “more good”. We all desire progress, it is a natural law. It is in the moments of our lives that we accept the term that something is “too good to last” that we become stagnant in thought and action.

Leslie Householder gives great insight to this when she stated the following: “Stagnation is miserable because there is absence of progression”. As we decide to have continually progression in our lives and recognize that a “low” merely indicates that by law a “high” is on its way, the muscles of our mind increase in strength and stamina allowing us to ride that roller coaster to never-ending heights of success.


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