The Wind that Keeps You Soaring

After being out of town for a month, finally getting caught up on laundry, and cleaning out the trailer (to list only a few of my recent preoccupations), I finally have a quiet moment here to divert some attention to articles.

Well… I’m just going to start rambling–so let’s see what comes out! Since it is after midnight (the reason I have a quiet moment), and since I might otherwise ought to be asleep, this could be interesting.

But… Let’s talk about the Law of Relativity!

Whether we know it or not, the Law of Relativity is a law that we operate by everyday! When used properly, quality of life improves. When used improperly (which is the default setting for most of us), life seems unreasonably difficult.

The Law of Relativity is that life circumstances, experiences, and situations are NEITHER fundamentally good NOR bad. Just like the immutable fact that “Energy IS“, each life experience we have also “just IS.

Let me explain.

Our minds have three main components: the conscious mind (our “aware” mind), the sub-conscious mind (which keeps our life-sustaining functions operating automatically), and our body (the “tool” of the mind).

When we gather data with our five physical senses, the information comes in with no inherent significance. It is our conscious mind which attaches “meaning” to the data input. Our conscious mind decides whether the experience is good or bad, strongly influenced by “programs” running constantly in the background of our sub-consciousness.

For example, if an income check arrives in the mail for $4,000, the figure “just IS”.

It simply: IS – what – it – IS.

For a person who has a subconscious program running that says he is accustomed to receiving income checks for $1,500 at a time, the $4,000 check he sees is GOOD, and would probably initiate very positive feelings.

However, for a person whose subconscious program says he is accustomed to receiving income checks for $22,000 at a time, the $4,000 check will appear BAD and may initiate feelings of panic and despair.

The truth? The $4,000 check JUST IS.

Without conscious-mind interception, the person who sees it as bad will begin to FEEL bad, and by law, his body will begin to move into a “negative” vibration. In this condition, he is cut off from his personal link to inspiration: the instinctive part of him that can lead him to the very solution he needs.

In order to keep the channels of inspirational guidance open, he must remember that the $4,000 check is neither good nor bad, it just IS; and his conscious mind has a God-given ABILITY to purposely assign a positive meaning to the data input. By assigning a positive meaning to it, and feeling good about it (even though it is not what was expected), by law his body will move into a positive vibration and open the way for the solution to eventually be discovered.

How does it happen?

Well, when he chooses a grateful and positive state, he not only keeps channels of communication between himself and God open, but he also aligns himself with the resources necessary to help himself ultimately come out on top. Ideas and opportunities may manifest through connections with certain people who will say or do certain things, and/or it can alter the course of his own personal thoughts, words, actions, and decisions.  Such opportunities and ideas will serve as the means of perpetuating his prosperity in the long-run– so long as he perseveres in the positive, hopeful, and expectant state.

(In short: people around him will be attracted to him and his purpose, and he will find the right help, from the right people, at just the right time.)

Understanding the Law of Relativity can help this happen.

Here’s why.

Whatever life delivers, know this: it just IS. It is neither good nor bad until you compare it to something else. If you constantly feel life has been beating you down, it is because you have conditioned yourself to expect it should have delivered something different.

You have decided that what has happened, should NOT have happened to you.

However, the truth is that what has happened in your life is perfect – providing you gifts disguised as hardships, delivered on schedule according to a combination of these things: natural law, your thoughts/actions, and divine design. Life is ordered this way that you might have opportunity, through exercise of your own agency, to find the “seed of equal or greater benefit” (promised by Napoleon Hill), and become a better, happier, more fulfilled person in the long run.

What IS… is perfect. The disappointment, the heartache, the pain, the burden, is perfect, and is actually a gift. How so?

Without the hardship, the benefit attached to that same struggle (that exists, by law, though not generally obvious) could never be yours either.

By the same token, if we fail to discover the treasure contained in our hardships, we are given the “privilege” of experiencing those hardships time and time again, until the lesson and benefits contained in the hardship are finally realized and enjoyed. We can choose to view this either as the ever extended grace of God, which it is, or as a never ending problem.

As James Allen describes in “As a Man Thinketh”, when a man completely and genuinely alters his thoughts about his [problem], and discovers the true perspective that God intends for him to adopt, the [problem] will, “become so out of harmony with his mentality that it falls out of his life as a garment is cast aside, and, with the growth of opportunities, which fit the scope of his expanding powers, he passes out of it forever.”

How, then, do we change the way we feel about our troubles? How can we possibly assign positive meaning to something that seems so intolerable?

Use the Law of Relativity!

Think about how it could be worse, find the silver-linings, and generate feelings of gratitude.

Instead of using the Law against yourself by constantly comparing your situation to others who appear more happy, work WITH the law by comparing your situation to how much worse it was before (as the case may be) or to how much worse it could be.

You have much to be grateful for, and genuine gratitude never goes unrewarded.

Here is a true story to help you feel better about your situation, because I am confident that you are not financially worse off than this:

Success Magazine did a piece on one of the wealthiest men in the country, and it stated,

“Not everything has gone his way, of course. In the early 1990s, for example, [he] struggled to stay in business during a deep slump in the commercial real estate market. Unable to make payments on $9.2 billion in debt, he writes… that a low point came when he passed a beggar on the street and realized the beggar ‘was worth $9.2 billion more than [him].’”

Wow. Here, at his low point, this man actually used the Law of Relativity against himself. How would you like to be financially worth nine billion dollars LESS than a beggar?

The good news is that he was smart enough to stop the negative thinking cycle, and consciously redirect his focus. The article continues by saying that [he],

“recovered by concentrating on how to revive his business, and not panicking over its problems. ‘I focused on the solution, not the problems. I was steadfast in my positive approach. Sure I had a lot of big problems, but I regained my focus and just kept working at it, knowing it would work out.’”

His $9.2 billion negative net worth TURNED INTO BILLIONS IN A POSITIVE NET WORTH through his commitment to disciplined thoughts and actions. (Law of Polarity in action, too! Hmmm… I wonder, where now is the beggar?)

He who thinks his lot is the hardest (financial, or otherwise) has the greatest opportunity for joy and accomplishment, but it requires “re-programming” his understanding of the way life works. He must humble himself as a child, choose not to worry about the judgements and assessments of others, turn to God, and consider the possibility that if he learns to think as God wants him to think, life will finally begin to improve.

If, after changing his thinking a bit, life hasn’t improved, or if he does not have the peace of mind and fulfillment he seeks, then the thinking-alteration process is not yet complete.

Too many people refuse to consider that the way they think could actually be completely wrong. Of those who consider the possibility, too many lack the determination to discover the truth, which can be an exciting and joyful journey, in addition to being a potentially time-consuming and uncomfortable process.

Either way, he who submits to it until the process is complete will experience uncommon freedom and fulfillment, enjoying a degree of serenity and achievement that could never be comprehended before.

So, how can a person know if his thinking is off-kilter? If he is unhappy, there is some new thinking that God wants him to learn.

(Perhaps he must begin by choosing to believe that the above statement is true – because it might not be his present way of thinking to believe so.)

YOU might be thinking, “No, he is unhappy because he needs to BEHAVE differently.” The fact is, that all behavior springs forth out of that person’s way of thinking. If we want to change our behavior, we must begin with changed thoughts. If the behavior must be changed radically, then there must be a radical change in our way of thinking.

If we are unhappy, it is the unhappiness that is also a gift; an internal guidance system that keeps us searching until we find the answer. When the answer is found, we can experience true happiness – the kind that is deep and abiding. If the happiness has not been found, the search is simply not over.

All aspirations have one ultimate purpose: to find happiness.

Here is a nugget of truth that, even when plainly spelled out, will elude the understanding of many but it is of profound truth:

When we cease to wait for external factors to “cause us to be happy” and rather find happiness and peace of mind just as our external factors are, ironically, that is when our circumstances finally begin to change. However, you must not seek happiness now for the purpose of changing your circumstances, or the “happiness” you find will not be the real thing. Your intentions will trap or liberate you, depending on what they are.

When happiness cannot be found “as things are”, then the promise “seek and ye shall find” guarantees that if you seek happiness, and you intend to find it without any alteration of external factors, then God will nudge you this way or that, and give you suggested action steps, that if you follow, will assuredly lead the way. It’s a guidance system you were given at birth which members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints faith refer to as, the “Light of Christ.”

Happiness is a natural byproduct of lawful living, and by “lawful” I mean, living by the Laws of God. These are not just the 7 laws of success discussed in my Hidden Treasures book, but they also encompass the 10 Commandments, and so forth.

God’s laws were established and given to show us the way to happiness. Living by law is not restrictive, but liberating.

A kite may appear to be held down by the string, when in reality it is the “restrictive” string that keeps it in the air. Otherwise, it would be tossed about, only to ultimately crash into the ground.

The same goes for the Laws of God.

On the surface it may appear that the laws are restrictive, keeping us from being free to do whatever we want to do, or from experiencing a fullness of joy. But like a kite without a string, when we disregard the laws of God, we feel free and maybe happy for a time, but the same seeming freedom and happiness eventually come crashing down; and the only way to return to the freedom of the skies, so to speak, is to re-adhere to God’s law and LET the winds of life blow our way!

Allow the hardships to be the wind that keeps you soaring!

THAT’S how to soar. THAT’S the formula for success: Adhere to Law and let the stormy winds of life blow! If you don’t wish for wind; you don’t wish for hardships, and without them you can have no true joy. However, the presence of a powerful wind alone will not and cannot guarantee flight; a kite must adhere to the string (law) and face the wind HEAD-ON.

Ease will never compare to, or result in, true joy.

So what is your goal? An easy life? Or happiness no matter what comes your way?

Well, that’s all for now. It’s nearly 2:30 am… I think I’ve rambled enough. 🙂

Here’s to your success! Cheers.


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  1. Leslie, thank you for another bit of late night wisdom. Knowing these laws gives me so much peace and enthusiasm to move forward no matter what the world is telling me. My world is within and I choose to live in joy. Some say I am deluded, but hey, who is happier? I love it here.

  2. Thank you very much for this. I needed to read this, and the other sections from your recent email. I feel uplifted 🙂

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