Meet Me in the Middle

By Stephanie Francom

Do you think it could really be possible that when we pursue a goal, we don’t have to kill ourselves off to accomplish it? Do you think, just maybe, we actually make it harder than it needs to be? Can we hope for some unseen help to attain our dreams?

I think so. Truly.

I believe there are scientific laws that are steadfast that never change. They simply are. Every night when the sun goes down, I can be sure that it will rise again in the morning. It’s constant and never-changing. (At least so far.) 🙂

There are also Laws of Thought that are constant and never-changing. One of these is the Law of Cause and Effect. It’s been known by other names as well: The Law of the Harvest, The Law of the Sower, and others. It’s basically this: When you move forward in a specific direction, there is an equal force moving in the opposite direction.


Let me say it another way.

When you are committed to an end goal and take a step toward making it happen, your goal will take a step closer to you. Seriously!? Yes! The distance between you and your goal gets smaller every time you take a step.

This is one of my favorite laws because it takes a ton of pressure off of me. (Aren’t we all looking to take pressure off?) Going after a large goal can be incredibly overwhelming when you consider all that it might require. But when you lock onto the understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect, hope returns! A light comes on when you realize you only have to go half way to get there. HALF WAY!!!

You’re going to love this example. At least I hope you do! It makes me so happy!

About 14 years ago, my husband and I decided to pay off our house. We had gotten a fifteen year loan to speed things up, but we really wanted to pay it off in seven years. We set the goal, and we tightened our budget so we could make double payments. We became super motivated when my husband created a chart to mark how quickly we were paying off the principal. Along the way I would have a feeling to look more closely at the budget to see if we could cut more and make a higher payment. I did that each time, and we got closer and closer to our goal.

I remember one day I had the thought to try to come up with $100 more in the budget. I was way excited when I found where to pull it from, and I shared the wonderful news with my sweetheart. He told me that he just had this really strong feeling that the extra money needed to go into savings. Blah. I was totally deflated, but I was willing to support him.

He then reached into his pocket and tossed me his paycheck. I looked down and noticed the amount was different than past ones. He had gotten a $100 (take home) raise! Oh my word! Neither of us knew it was coming, but we were delighted! This meant we could put $100 in savings and $100 towards the debt!

These little miracles happened all along the way, and you can imagine our surprise when we paid off our home in only three and a half years! We had never heard of the Law of Cause and Effect before, but we certainly experienced it! My head is still reeling from that one!

So let’s go back to the original question.

Could it really be possible that when we pursue a goal, we don’t have to kill ourselves off to accomplish it?

Absolutely! Our goals become much more reasonably attainable when we rely upon the The Law of Cause and Effect to keep the effort in perspective. So just relax a minute, take a breath, and believe that when you take a step forward, your big goal will meet you in the middle!


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