On Point Writer’s Tips Webinar Series

Introducing the “On Point Writer’s Tips” Webinar Series

If there’s a book in you, and you’d like some Rare Faith help getting it done and “out there”, join us for a special Webinar Series designed just for you. Author goals are achieved one step at a time, so we’re here to help you take those steps with greater confidence.

  • Session 1: The Confidence-Boosting Author Bio: Why and HOW to write your author bio even before you complete your book. Quiet your subconscious and settle your stride so you can step more confidently into your author’s shoes and finish the work that is yours to do.
  • Session 2: From Wordy to Quote-worthy: Learn how to take an idea and condense it into something quotable.
  • Session 3: Getaway – How to Really Rock a Personal Writing Retreat: Discover an affordable alternative to a traditional book writing retreat.
  • Session 4: Level up: Prepare each page to be publisher-ready: Here we’ll chat about the ABC’s of editing, what to expect when working with an editor, and how to find the perfect fit for your remarkable message.
  • Session 5: I’ve Got Time – How to Fit Writing into a Busy Schedule: Learn the personal pointers that will help you carve space in the calendar to complete your book.
  • Session 6: Bumps and Bruises: How to say NO to Common Book Writing Blunders: Learn some painful lessons from other first-time authors to help you traverse your own book-writing journey unscathed.

Find them ALL inside our See it Done Writing Course!

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