A special message for authors: SEE It DONE!

Here’s how…

Hi Reader,

As I was writing The Jackrabbit Factor, I could SEE future readers in my mind’s eye turning the pages – gasping, even – and tearfully waking up to new possibilities suddenly within reach.

As cheesy as it may sound…

I could literally feel those moments with them, and was often brought to tears myself as if I was discovering the principles for the first time. Seeing and feeling what I knew my readers were going to feel literally took my breath away many times.

Have you ever been truly choked up about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

Those moments – those visions – moved me, and kept me going.

Seeing the book done before it was complete had a powerful way of guiding the words and inspiring me to take the right steps upon its completion so it could reach the people who needed it most.

Even now, 15 years later, I still get messages from readers who are just now experiencing the very thing I envisioned back in 2003.

But I know mine is not the ONLY message that needs to get out.

So I want to ask you:

  • Do YOU have a message to share?
  • Is there a book in YOU?

Announcing a NEW program JUST for authors called:

The “See it Done” Writing Course

by Director of Rare Faith Programs, Stephanie Francom

Who is Stephanie?

Besides being a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate and a Certified Rare Faith Programs Facilitator, Stephanie is also the co-founder of Rooftop Publishing, and brings a level of expertise and knowledge to this brand new Rare Faith program specifically for AUTHORS that is truly unmatched.

There are several ways to benefit from Stephanie’s expertise:

She offers both FREE training, as well as low-cost specialized services.

Her goal is to help YOU turn the message in your heart into a book you can hold in your hands. Here are some great places you can start:

AND if you’re REALLY serious about your book, join her in our NEW:

See it Done Writing Course


Stephanie will help you:

  • Get past the Terror Barrier
    Discover how to push past your limiting beliefs
  • Set a Powerful Intention
    Become clear on what it is you really want as a writer
  • Utilize Comparables
    Learn vital lessons from the similar works of others
  • Serve your Audience
    Determine your intended reader
  • Develop the Right Structure
    Build the proper scaffolding for your message
  • Do the Right Research
    Ascertain if you need it and possible approaches
  • Build a Storyboard
    Learn what makes a story worth telling
  • Use Beats
    Decide how to fill in the details
  • Utilize Symmetry and Conflict
    Discern parallels and balance
  • Make the most of your Rough Draft
    Gain confidence to begin to write
  • Understand why to do a Revision x 3
    Gather skills for initial self edits
  • Write to 3 Chapters
    Understand the value of short goals
  • Create Structure
    Build the proper scaffolding for your message
  • Use the Learn, Apply, Write strategy
    Learn how to see it through to the end
  • Use all the Bells and Whistles
    Take your book beyond your expectations
  • …And much more!!!
In short, the See it Done Writing Course is a fabulous opportunity to let Stephanie help you move YOUR book to the next step.

Come learn from someone who can help you achieve your author goals the Rare Faith way:

Learn more and enroll here
All the best!


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