Lowrider Van to Success- Pushing Past Fear

By Heather Gibson

My van was loaded to the hilt and looked like a lowrider. It was time to go and I was terrified. I would have backed out but I couldn’t face those that had helped me prepare for this moment if I did. 

There were many reasons I was afraid.

I was driving cross country through treacherous weather conditions with haunting memories of a near death experience driving in icy conditions years before.

I was driving over 12 hours to my first event promoting a pet product I believed in. After 7 years of breeding and trying different food and supplements, I found a company that made a difference in my animals and I knew it was something I should share with others including breeders. 

The problem was I didn’t believe in myself. 

I was afraid of failing and being laughed at or shunned. While I would be with peers, most didn’t know me well. I was afraid all the work I had done to earn credibility in the community might be damaged.

This was a pivotal moment in my life!

I had created an amazing dream in my mind. Changing pets and peoples’ lives while spending more time with my kids and pets. Leaving a stressful job I hated. That dream was starting to take shape and come to life.

However that vision would start to fade away if I didn’t get in the van and take that first major step. 

What if I had decided it was too hard and walked away from the dream?

Over 2 years later I look back at that moment and I’m terrified at how close I came to not choosing to take that trip, the next one, or the next few that followed. My confidence in myself and my Heavenly Father has grown so much. 

It has not been an easy path and I am often faced with new anxieties, however it has been hugely rewarding. Spiritual growth, self development, new friendships, changing pets and people’s lives, financial gains and more. 

All these benefits hinged on having a dream and continuing in forward motion!

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states everything is coming into physical form or going out of it. Our goals or dreams have to go through a process: 

Non-existent→ spark of an idea→ mental (or spiritual) creation→ physical creation. 

If at any time we stop this forward motion, the creation process automatically reverses towards non-existence. There is no standing still in the dream creation process.

Think of an old style jukebox. You put in a quarter, select the song and the machine starts to move the record from storage to the player. 

What if as the record was just about to reach the player you pressed the button for another song. The mechanical arm would start to return the record to get the new request. What if you kept doing that consistently? You would never hear any music play.

Your life is the same!

Keeping the vision is key to achieving the dreams you want. Here are three things you can do consistently to help keep that vision. If any of these exercises causes a negative emotion and you are not able to shift out of it, stop the exercise. It will reinforce that negative thought and send your dream out of creation

*Create vision boards with YOU in the pictures. Take the time to feel the emotions you would feel if you already had that dream. What would it feel, taste, look, smell, sound like? Take time imagining that it is already yours and do it often. Repetition is key!

*Say statements out loud in the present tense. Include I AM statements. For example: “I am thrilled to be in Hawaii with my family. We have wanted to take this trip for so long and being together is amazing. I love feeling the salty spray of the ocean on my face, hearing the laughter of my family at my side, and smelling the sweet smell of BBQ waiting for me when I get out of the water. This is exactly what I was hoping for.” Repeat statements multiple times daily.

*Live your dream in your mind. First thing in the morning and last thing at night- be in your dream. Walk around in it as though it has already happened. Tap into all your creative juices to make it vivid and lifelike.

As you try these three exercises remember that you want to be surrounded by positive emotions. 

With mental work and effort you can create what you want in your life!

PS This is only one of 8 Laws. Make sure you learn about all 8 to really see change in your life.


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