“They didn’t know we were divorced”

Holy smokes.

I’ve met some amazing people… let me tell you about one of them.

Here’s someone who has been learning with me off and on since 2011, and now that she has completed Mentor Training, I was BLOWN AWAY to find out what she has actually overcome.

It feels too sensitive to include her name, but she has given me permission to share a piece of her unbelievable journey. She sent me the following:

“…yesterday we closed on our home refinance that I’ve been trying to do for 3 years. It took a HUGE mental shift for my husband and I to get it done. While signing those papers I almost passed out. My blood pressure got so high I was literally seeing stars, my hands were shaking so badly that I could barely hold on to the pen and I felt like I was going to be sick. But I was able to recognize it as a terror barrier that I had to push through and by the end I felt ok…”

But the reason that closing on the house was such a big deal was NOT what I expected. She continued…

“I will share with you what I won’t share in the [public] group:

“In 2015 my husband and I divorced. Our daughter needed mental and medical help and her bills ranged from $15,000 to $80,000 a MONTH. The mental health facility she was in was a base rate of $15,000 a month. She was in and out of that facility for 6-9 months at a time over 5 years. In order for her to qualify to get social security, disability and medical assistance we had to get divorced.

“Our relationship was extremely rocky and I was extremely depressed so the divorce was for my daughter, but it was also a relief. We were in the middle of the divorce process when we lost our home to fire and purchased the home where we live now 2 months later. It has 2 separate living areas. He took the upstairs, I took the downstairs and our kids never even knew we were divorced. Our youngest at age 12 still doesn’t.

“I had to sign a waiver saying that I had no interest in the property and that I would not try to take it. Our daughter came home from the mental hospital the same day we signed the papers to close on the house and we all moved in with a brand new start in a brand new life.

“We went through with the divorce and my daughter was home for about 9 months before things got really bad. She ran away and then went back to the facility. We were divorced for about 18 months before we got remarried.

“Being divorced, we had respected each other, learned to work together without assuming, without expectations, just gratitude that we were best friends, and even if we were divorced we still wanted to be together. It changed everything in our relationship.

“What it didn’t change was that paper I signed saying that it was not and would never be my house. I never really thought about it and believed that it wasn’t a big deal, but somewhere deep inside it was very difficult for me and I’ve struggled with it a lot. I can see now that subconsciously it has came out in many ways.

“While we were cleaning for the appraisal I found the letter from the title company saying I had no rights to the house and I just started bawling. I asked my husband if we could fix it and he said yes. As it was, if he passed away I would not get our home. I would have to fight for it, and considering we have a minor child and we are remarried I would probably [only] be awarded to care for the property for our son until he turned 18. That hurt.

“So, when we signed the papers yesterday they said that that paper was no longer binding, since we had done away with the original loan, but that we would need an actual attachment to the title saying if anything happens to my husband that the house will go to me. They are drafting those papers now and we will sign them next week. They are also handing us a check for a very large amount so that we can pay off all of our high interest debts and we got a 3.2% interest rate on our home loan…

“That was a lot, but my point is that by going through Mindset Mastery, Genius Bootcamp and Mentor Training I have become a person that sees things differently. I know that I can achieve goals. This was a HUGE, life changing goal!

“I know that subconsciously I was not in alignment with the goal until recently, and as soon as our mindset shifted, everything started to perfectly fall into place. We reduced our homeowners insurance by $2500 a year! Our home appraised for $45,000 more than what we paid for it 5 years ago. So many things just lined up and the process has been heartbreaking in the best of ways.

“Having that paper signed saying that this is OUR property and not just HIS property means so much to me, and I know that it wasn’t him that was stopping that from happening. It was me not feeling worthy, holding on to my own self doubt, fear and creating situations in my head that didn’t exist.

“I had to choose to let this be OUR home, MY home before I could get this done. It was totally subconscious work!!! The fact that we signed those papers the day that I got my CONGRATULATIONS letter for graduating from Mentor Training was no accident. I had passed more than just the ‘training’ or the workbook, I LIVED IT. I BECAME!!!

“I am so VERY excited about the timing of the new Virtual Genius Bootcamp!!!! When I got that first email I felt a spiritual ‘sword in the stone’ moment where Heavenly Father said ‘This is where you belong!!!’ And I cried like a baby because I finally felt like I was HOME in so many ways!!

“I’m very excited about this next leg of my journey with you guys, because up until now it’s just been about me figuring out ME, and now I can feel the shift of using what I’ve learned to help others, and I am so excited!!! Thank you so much, Love you!!!! 💜”

Can you see why I’m so excited to have this person become one of our program facilitators? She gets it.

Truly, the greater the challenge, the greater the victory. And I believe this beautiful soul, with her unique life experience, is going to be able to connect with people that I may not have been able to connect with otherwise.

Did you know?

There are currently more than 20 people on the Facilitator Program Track, preparing to help me bring the message of Rare Faith to more people around the world. We currently have facilitators in training from Utah, Hawaii, Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, California, Montana, and South Carolina, with more (even internationally) getting reading to officially declare their intent.

It’s the diversity of everyone’s experiences that is making our community stronger than ever.

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  1. Leslie
    I read all of these that you send out… but this one… wow! I’m touched by this story. It’s a really powerful testimony. Thank you for all that you do to heal hearts and minds. My wife and I absolutely love you.. even though we’ve never met.
    Peace and Grace to you always.

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