Love and Money in the Time of Corona

By Carol Colvin

In every difficult circumstance, there is the seed of something good, and the good is in proportion to the difficulty.  I can think of many experiences in my life that have helped me to learn this Law of Polarity and to use my awareness of it to keep my thoughts up.  But today, because it’s the elephant in the room, I will discuss the good that has come to my life from the unpleasantness of a worldwide pandemic. 

I think that if COVID-19 had attacked the world 20-30 years ago I would have been much slower to see the good in it and to bounce back emotionally.  I was younger, less experienced with dealing with trials, and ignorant of the laws of relativity and polarity.  I also had small children, and dealing with the added stress of quarantine, home schooling, and fear for the health of my family, on top of the regular stresses of parenting, would likely have pushed me over the edge into depression.  I am grateful for the wisdom I have now, at the ripe old age of 58, that allows me to see more clearly all of the blessings in the challenges of 2020. 

The first benefit to our family was the cancellation of a conference I was supposed to attend in March in Arizona.  Because I had already arranged for my daughter to meet me there for some specialized therapy, and because I had free housing arranged, I went anyway.  Instead of spending hours every day in meetings, I was fully present with my daughter when she emerged from each of her very lengthy sessions with the therapist. We had time every day to talk and sort through what she was gaining from the therapy. Our relationship became something more wonderful during that time because we had no distractions.  When we said goodbye at the end of our time in Phoenix, we were both in tears, so grateful for those few days together. 

Our second benefit also has to do with family relationships.  Our oldest son and the daughter I mentioned above live in New York City, one of the original hot spots for COVID-19.  They both became unemployed in March due to the shutdown of the restaurant and theater industries there.  Our son had previously planned to come home for just a few days in April for his birthday, but because the college he attends went virtual for all classes, he decided to stay in Washington and we got to spend a lot more time with him.  By the end of April our daughter was quite lonely in New York without her brother (they share an apartment), so she flew home, too.  From April to the end of July we had two of our three children at home, just like the old days.  We watched movies, played games, had long philosophical discussions, celebrated two birthdays, and generally had a fantastic time as a family.  We hadn’t spent that many consecutive days with those two children for several years.  I will long remember our family’s “love in the time of Corona.”

The third benefit to our family of COVID-19 was financial.  The stimulus checks and the state and federal unemployment compensation my children received enabled them to repay the loans we had given to them for various expenses over the past ten years.  Because they were able to pay back money owed to us, we were able to repay debts of our own.  The most amazing thing was that our daughter’s Arizona therapy bill, which I had put on a credit card knowing (because of my knowledge of the law of vibration) that somehow, from somewhere, the money would come,  was completely paid before any interest accrued. 

There have been many other benefits that have come from our COVID experience – too many to list in a short article. I would say that they are at least equal in magnitude to the difficult and stressful aspects of this 7-month saga.  That is what the law of Polarity is about.  When things go wrong, good is right there in it – if you look for it and if you take advantage of it.  When things go very wrong, more good is in it – again, if you are using your awareness of the law to know that it’s there, and if you are paying attention. So bring on COVID-20!  Just kidding.


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