The Microwave, the VCR, and the House

By Carol Colvin

My favorite experience with the law of vibration has to do with three things I said I didn’t want that I really did want and how I got on the right vibration to get them. The year was 1989, and Gary and I were renting a skinny two-bedroom townhouse between two other skinny townhouses in Everett, Washington.  Our sons were 4 and 2, Gary was working long hours selling medical software, and I was a busy mom juggling church responsibilities, parenting, maintaining a household, and teaching piano lessons. Money was tight.  There were some things I thought would make life easier if I had them, but I didn’t see any possible way to get them, so I pretended I didn’t want them.  One was a microwave oven.  Sure, I could make dinner faster in a microwave than I could on the stove or in the oven, but that’s for the people who have more money than brains.  I was smart enough not to waste money on a contraption I didn’t need.  The second was a VCR.  Back then, the only way to choose what came on the television was to connect a VCR and put in a tape.  I did think it would be nice to have something to entertain the boys while I made dinner (slowly, on the stove or in the oven…), but I was a good mom, smart enough to find other ways to occupy my children besides television. The third thing I wanted was a house.  I was tired of apartment living with neighbors 6 inches away who complained about the noise of two little boys. But we had no savings and we couldn’t buy a home without a down payment.   I set aside any idea of wanting a house. 

One day I expressed my frustrations to my mother. I told her I felt guilty for wanting more than I had, and I didn’t think I should ask God for frivolous things. I should just be content. She told me something that changed everything.  She said that God not only desires to provide for our basic needs, but He really delights in giving us things that we want.  She told me to have faith and ask.  I made a decision that night to ask God for a microwave, a VCR, and a house.  I imagined receiving those things with excitement.  I didn’t know anything about the law of vibration back then, but I stumbled into making it work.

Just a few days after my prayer, one of my adult piano students came over for her lesson.  She had bad news.  Her husband had been laid off and they wouldn’t be able to afford lessons for a while.  But she had an idea.  She had noticed that I didn’t have a microwave.  She had two.  Would I be interested in trading some lessons for the microwave?  My heart skipped a couple beats and I almost laughed as I happily accepted her offer.  I said a grateful prayer and told God, “I saw what you did there. Pretty clever…”  I looked forward to what would happen next.

Our neighbor Chuck, an insurance agent, took his family to a company picnic one Saturday.  Later that evening Chuck knocked on our door and said, “We won a VCR in a raffle today, so now we have two.  Would you like our old one?”  I gleefully cried, “YES.”  Now we had a microwave oven AND a VCR, two things I had probably repelled by pretending I didn’t need or want them – for free!  When I expressed my gratitude and delight in prayer that night, especially for the surprising way God had delivered my gifts, I admit I was hesitant to ask again for the house.  That was a huge request compared to the first two. But I couldn’t deny that God had a hand in bringing the microwave and the VCR to me.  So I continued to have faith and imagine myself in a home with neighbors who couldn’t communicate by pounding on our shared wall. 

Less than a month later, my brother-in-law Bryan, a nerd who made millions inventing a joystick for the first Apple computer, called with a strange request. He asked if we would be willing to borrow $20,000.00 from him so he could write it off his taxes.  There was one condition – we had to buy a house with the money.  What!?  I thought my heart would explode with the joy. Six months later we moved into our first real home. 

I learned from this experience  that when I want something good in my life, and I ask for it in faith, and get on the right vibration to receive, God is delighted to give it to me. 


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