It’s Just a Vacuum

By Sandra Boyer

My teenage son, right out of the blue, announced, “I quit my job last week. I felt inspired to do so but I was just too afraid to tell you.”

Hmm. Quit his job with no new job in place. QUIT HIS JOB? This means he will be spending much more time here at home! (Slight anxiety attack.) Quit his job? I wonder what he’ll be expecting financially from us. Quit his job? A job he absolutely loved? He quit a job that was a perfect fit for him?

I wanted to reply with a response versus a reaction. I was feeling a knee-jerk reaction ready to explode. “Quick!” thought I, “to the toolbox of the Universal Laws for guidance and perspective.”

In the toolbox I found the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. I passed on that one and thought of the Law of Relativity. This one might work. There is good to be found in this situation. With that thought in mind, I kept looking. I found the Law of Vibration. I passed on this one as well (he “vibed” with that job) and remembered the Law of Polarity. It supported my thoughts from the Law of Relativity. From there I thought of the Law of Rhythm. Not much help there so I pressed on to the Law of Cause and Effect. From my limited viewpoint, the cause and effect was that he quit his job and now was jobless! I hurried past that one to the Law of Gender. Nothing came to mind.

Finally, I found the Vacuum Law of Prosperity that states: Nature abhors a vacuum. Make room for the thing you desire by letting go of that which you do not appreciate or use (or in this case, feel inspired to let go). Give it away with a giving, charitable heart, and let the Universe compensate you.

Oh goody! In this light, his joblessness was an amazing thing! This law was a tool I could easily implement to form a wonderful response! I now got it! My son created a vacuum in his life!

“Wow. That’s amazing! What a great thing you did! Congratulations!” (Huh? What did I just say?) “I have full and complete confidence in you. You will now be able to move to a place that is just perfect for you at this time and make new friendships and have great experiences for your growth and learning. I wouldn’t worry too much about you being out of work before you make your move. Find the place to move first and your job will follow. This is really an exciting time for you! Congratulations on arriving at this point! I’m really proud of you!”

My son was actually quite sad that he quit a job he so enjoyed as well as being quite perplexed as to why he felt he should. When I was able to address it that he was actually creating a vacuum for something in life that was expedient for his progression, he felt so much better! It gave him validation that his actions were actually inspired as apposed to-well, stupid.

This was the way of the Universe to get him to move on. It was no longer “right” for him to live at home. He had progressed as much as he could in this environment. It was imperative for his further improvement and development to leave and live elsewhere.

My husband was upset and quite concerned over our son’s actions. When I approached him in the vein that our son was making room for something he needed and that was better for him, his mood immediately improved. He now understood and saw the good in our son’s actions.

Things I’m glad I did in this situation:

  • Looked for and found the Law that best helped form an appropriate response vs. reaction.
  • Validated his actions as inspired.
  • Expressed my complete confidence in him.
  • Got excited that he was at this point in his life and congratulated his progress.
  • Found the good in this situation.
  • Recognized and voiced that he couldn’t move on if he was still employed at his current job.
  • Refused to get explosive and contentious.
  • Gave him complete responsibility to find a new place within a reasonable time frame.
  • Helped him see this as him arriving into adulthood.
  • Let it go and focused on the future.
  • Didn’t feel sorry for him.
  • Taught him using the Vacuum Law of Prosperity.

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity teaches that Nature abhors a vacuum. Let space be made for those things that you want and need by letting go of the things that keep you from them, even if it seems risky!


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