They Get to Choose

By Sandra Boyer

The Law of Gender or Gestation reads: “Every seed has a gestation or incubation period. Remember that ideas are spiritual seeds and will move into form when the time is right. Know that they will. Avoid uprooting your idea seeds with doubt.

My husband and I had been separated for 1½ years when he announced that he was planning on moving back home. Most of his reasoning had to do with financial concerns, but the result was real enough.

My initial reaction was, “Oh no! Please, oh please, oh please NO!” But there it was. The reality was that financially we could no longer afford two households.

Then my new learning kicked into gear. I let go of resistance and allowed a new thought to enter, “This is happening for a reason. I am trusting that everything is in its perfect order. I choose to trust. I am allowing that this move is for the better even though I initially was opposed to it.”

Then I took several lengthy, deep breaths.

It was during our time away from each other that I was introduced to the Laws of Success. I had been practicing what I had studied, writing down what I wanted in as much detail I felt appropriate and visualizing my desired results.

This is what I had written at the time:

I am so grateful for the relationship I have with him. We treat each other always with love, respect and honor. We have moved past blaming and feeling victimized. There is no room for negativity. We have replaced it with gratitude and love.

It is easy to communicate with each other and we enjoy talking. Our children see and feel our love for each other and feel a fullness of love that we have for them.

Getting together is never awkward or uncomfortable. We look forward to being with each other because it’s so enjoyable. There is a wonderful feeling of peace and well-being.

And this is some of what I wrote about the new relationship I wanted, thinking it would be with someone else:

I am so happy and grateful now that I’m happily married. I am amazed at how like-minded we are in our goals and aspirations. We treasure each other and frequently express our love in word and deed. Our love grows deeper daily.

We honor each other’s feelings and viewpoint.

We are committed to each other and greet each day with gratitude. We are so excited for the experiences that await us each day.

We seek for and receive God’s blessings in all areas of life. We are amazed at his goodness, generosity and the speed at which he answers our prayers. This brings us such wonderful feelings of peace, love and happiness.

We love our families and our children are so happy we’re together. We love to associate and play with them and have many opportunities to do so.

When we get together, there is so much joy and happiness. We are happy and secure in our family and love.

My Sweetheart and I enjoy golfing, skiing, hiking, playing and traveling together. We are so grateful for the wonderful places we’ve been able to visit and the friendships we’ve formed. We know we will have many, many opportunities to travel the world and are so grateful for the experiences we have and the new friendships we form.

But I was wrong. Taking ownership of my vision and happiness marked a new beginning and ultimately, my husband returned to the picture. We’ve been back together for a year now and things are really great! I discovered that as I shifted my attitudes, responses and vibrations, the people in my life get to choose how they will respond. I have experienced that “ripple effect” that comes with living by law, and I love riding that wave!

When I planted those idea seeds over two years ago, I had no idea how they would play out. I was taken by surprise that they would be realized with my husband, but I am so grateful they did.

Some of my seeds are still germinating but I am positive they will sprout and grow beautifully in their perfect season.

Things I’m glad I did:

  • Write in detail the way I wanted my relationship with him as a separated couple.
  • Visualized how it would be in detail paying attention to how it would feel.
  • Wrote out a new healthy relationship in detail.
  • Visualized how the new relationship would be.
  • Allowed and held the possibility for it to be with my husband by changing my thinking.
  • Expressed gratitude for him daily, even when feeling “stretched.”
  • Trusted that everything was in its perfect order.

Bob Proctor teaches, “When you choose a goal or build the image in your mind, a definite period of time must elapse before that image manifests in physical results.” He also admonishes:


The Law of Gender says to plant your idea seeds and patiently await their growth. They are realized when the time is right.


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