I Prayed and Prayed and Begged and Complained

By Beckie Dragon

I have never really trusted God’s timing. It would seem if I just beg hard enough, long enough, He will see it my way. That sounds terrible I know. It wasn’t really a conscious thought but it for sure was the way I acted. 

The only thing I ever really wanted was to get married and have a family. I prayed and prayed and begged and complained repeatedly. I went to college, but I didn’t find him there. I went on a mission and afterward thought, surely it would be time now and I would be blessed. No. I went to dance after dance, I didn’t find him there either. I felt like I had to do my part and prepare myself and put myself in the right place at the right time. I worked on becoming a better person. I have two sisters and I spent a lot of time with their families, which I felt helped prepare me to be a better mom. I was kind of a second mom to their kids. I thought about what kind of person he would be and knew what I wanted him to be like. I would never have dreamed I would be 31 before I would finally find Mr. Right. And, it had nothing to do with what I did; it was simply God’s timing. 

Then there was the dream of getting custody of my husband’s children and bringing our blended family together. We set a goal and came up with a plan and prayed to include the Lord and make sure it was according to his will. We got an attorney and went to work. We would get thoughts to do this or that along the way, but time just went on and on. We prayed and prayed and begged and complained. Why wasn’t He answering our prayers? I would never have dreamed it would take nearly ten years to finally get two of the four children. It was simply about the right timing.

Then there was the dream of making it big in our business. We tried this and we tried that, but nothing seemed to be the magic-bullet. We joined groups, we went to trainings to improve our minds and our skills. We worked and worked but it seemed like it was to no avail. We prayed and prayed and begged and complained. Didn’t He hear our prayers? I would never have dreamed it would be 16 years down the road before we would join Mindset Mastery to learn that there are laws that govern the universe.

Do you see a pattern here? Perhaps that cycle would be a good example of how the Law of Rhythm can work for a negative outcome as well! I certainly was not looking for evidence that there was something better ahead. 

Not to mention the negative example of the Law of Vibration. I guess that was probably the first thing you picked up on. It is pretty evident. 

But now I have the correct principles, tools and laws that will ensure my success. I am learning about surrendering to God and being calm. I know when I have a choice, I can choose to believe. I know that God is in charge and everything is as it should be. I cannot force things to happen how and when I think they should. I can trust that He has a plan and He will guide me with the thoughts and ideas. No amount of trying to force things to be the way I think they should be will make it go any faster. In fact, it will slow the process down. Now I know that seeing what I want with an expectancy and grateful heart is real faith. 

This story is to be continued…

I am still dreaming of building a successful business and having financial freedom and helping lots of people to improve their health in Mind-Body-Family-Society-Finances. I have planted that seed and strive to keep a positive vibration. I am moving forward learning to lift others and know that good will come back to me. I can keep perspective of what I do want because of the Laws of Relativity and Polarity. I know that it will come when the time is right and best for me. 

And that’s the Law of Gestation.


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