Helping You Prosper: Why I Turn Some Prospective Clients Away

Often, after they’ve read The Jackrabbit Factor, I have people ask me to be their personal coach.

Sometimes I say yes, but most of the time I decline. Here’s why:

For one thing, I am reeeaallllly busy. I can only give my personal attention to a handful of clients at a time. (Eventually I may add Group Coaching as an option, but for now it is one-on-one personal attention to you and your goals.)

Another reason is because as a prosperity coach, I am not here to provide answers (which may come as a surprise to some). I do not tell you what to do, and I do not take responsibility for your choices. My role as a coach is to see that the answers you seek come out of YOU, not me. Most of the time, a person who looks into coaching for the first time doesn’t realize how much work is entailed on the client’s part. It’s a common misconception that the coach is a contracted advisor, (one who gives advice) but that is not the case.

There are some coaches who will enter a contract with you so long as you can fog a mirror. For these, it seems to be all about revenue. On the other hand, other good coaches are genuinely motivated by facilitating the kind of changes you seek.

For me, I would sooner turn down the revenue than enter a coaching relationship that isn’t a suitable fit. Coaching is not cheap. It’s a serious financial commitment to the tune of nearly six thousand dollars for a six-month program. It’s non-refundable and what you get out of it is directly related to what you put into it. Not very many people are serious enough about their success to even make that kind of commitment. It certainly isn’t for everybody, and in fact success doesn’t necessarily require formal personal coaching.

To help you understand what prosperity coaching is and what it is not, let me start by saying that my husband and I have spent a fortune on personal coaching in a number of different industries… from marketing, to real estate, to business development, to success in general. In most cases, the coach’s role was that of a guide, a sounding board, and to provide an objective outside perspective. Over time, we erroneously concluded that the more we paid, the less we’d have to think. After all, thinking is hard work and how nice it would be to get to a point where we could just buy good advice.

On the contrary, we learned that the more we paid, the more we had to apply ourselves. We had to learn more than ever to think for ourselves, and take personal responsibility for our decisions. In the long run, it has been some of the best investments we’ve ever made, because we became different people for having gone through it. Advice is used up quickly, but character development is forever. The prosperity can be a natural byproduct of one’s personal growth

If $5995 is too much to bite but you still want some help with your goals, here’s an option: start with our 12-week home study course for only $597. After you complete the program, if you still want personal coaching, you may apply that money toward the $5995 coaching fee, provided we enter into the contract within one year, and provided I believe we’d make a good coaching/client match.

In other words, if you get all you need out of the 12 week course, and you don’t need coaching, then you’ve achieved your goal and saved $5448!

Here’s what one prospective coaching client wrote after she took my recommendation to go with the cheaper alternative:

“The home study is going good! I feel this was a better choice than coaching.”

Another wrote:

“Leslie- I think at this point the 12 week program will work best. Thank you for your honesty. I did fill out the form like you said… Here it is. Thank you!!!”

To get the coaching overview and form (a no-obligation opportunity to help me know more about you and what you want to accomplish), click here.

To get more information about learning how to prosper via the home study course, visit our bookstore.

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