Wanted: Rare Faith Mentors

At ThoughtsAlive we are committed to creating and developing an interactive community where people can help each other understand and apply the principles of prosperity for life-long success.

One of the things we have on the horizon include a peer-mentorship program which will be an opportunity for qualified individuals to earn an income, and for others to receive mentorship at a more affordable rate than regular personal coaching.

We need people who want to be prosperity mentors!

The program will be launched in 2008. In order to qualify as a ThoughtsAlive Mentor, you must not only graduate from our 12-week home study course, but you must graduate with honors. It’s relatively intensive, and generally requires a 2-4 hour commitment each week for 12 weeks.

However, you do not have to complete it within 12 weeks because there is no deadline to finish. You only have to accumulate a certain number of points and accomplish a goal of a certain difficulty rank, which is explained in the course. Points are earned based on the amount of effort put into each weekly assignment. Success will be a natural byproduct of completing each assignment with thoughtful, deliberate effort.

“How much can I earn as a Mentor?”

The pricing structure for peer mentoring has not yet been determined. And in reality, this program will be primarily for those who are passionate about helping others experience the success they’ve experienced for the sake of “giving back.” If a person is only in it for the money, they will not be properly qualified to be a ThoughtsAlive Mentor.

True, it will be another one of those “multiple streams of income” and could range anywhere from a little bit to a whole lot of money (how’s that for being vague?). Honestly, because of the way it will be structured, each mentor will naturally attract more clients according to his or her own application of success principles. ThoughtsAlive.com will simply be a vehicle for bringing the client and mentor together. Compensation could be in the tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. There is no cap to what could be earned… and we are constantly working to bring more people to the ThoughtsAlive community.

Does this sound like something you’ve been looking for? Take yourself through the home study course. It’s POWERFUL. It’s more powerful than our $1,500 three-day seminar and can be picked up for a fraction of the cost!

Here is what one current participant wrote:

“Leslie, I can’t tell you how much fun I am having doing your course. I just finished watching the Stick Man DVD … I loved the way you explained the information. Thank you so much for being willing to learn and teach truth. That is my mission as well and you are helping me on my path.”

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