Flipping the Funnel

By Kristi Steidley

I think of a time when I went shopping. I had to make several stops and I had my kids with me. One of my least favorite things to do is go shopping with both of my kids. I was burned out from being around people and telling my kids no a bazillion times. I just wanted to get home. I was in such a bad mood. 

My kids were arguing in the backseat and I was complaining in my head. I was annoyed by them being so noisy. I was feeling guilty and sick about how much money I had spent. I was frustrated with a huge list of things I needed to get. I could feel the anger and frustration steaming out of my ears. It got to the point that I said to myself, “Kristi, you have got to stop!” I was vibrating at such a low frequency. It felt horrible. 

I knew I needed to change my vibration. I was on a low level of complaining, and I knew I needed to do the opposite to get back on a higher frequency. I started thinking about how grateful I am for my blessings. I thought about how grateful I am to be a mom. I felt grateful for the groceries I was able to buy. 

I soon had this image come to my mind of a funnel. My funnel was turned upside down when I was complaining. Therefore, I wasn’t receiving any inspiration from God. When I turned the funnel the right way, I received a flood of inspiration for what to do at girls camp. 

I had been praying and asking for guidance on what to do for our young women. I realized Heavenly Father was giving me inspiration the whole time, but I was only getting drops because my funnel was upside down. I needed to change my vibration (flip the funnel right side up) to know what He was trying to give me. 

I gave a demonstration at girls camp of what little water was going into a bottle (and how much spilled out on the ground) when the funnel was upside down. I then showed them what happens when we are grateful and the flow of water that goes directly into the bottle. The bottle representing us, the water representing Heavenly Father communicating to us. Gratitude is the key factor. 

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