Nicest Guy in the World

By Kristi Steidley

I was working at The Olive Garden as a certified trainer. I loved training new employees. One of the best parts of the training was when we got to eat. The new employees were able to taste the different menu items. It was a time for us to eat and visit. One of the new employees was talking about her neighbor who she said was “the nicest guy in the world”. She was randomly saying that he mowed her yard for her and always checked to make sure she and her kids were doing okay while her husband was away on military duty. She mentioned he was thirty years old and never married. 

I chimed in, “Really?! Tell me more about him.” I was shocked those words came out of my mouth. … I definitely was not interested in jumping into another relationship. I couldn’t believe I would say something so bold, and in front of all the trainees. 

She told her neighbor about me and he got in touch with me. After some communication, we decided to go on a date. I drove to his house (because I didn’t want some weirdo knowing where I lived) and introduced myself. We went on a wonderful date. I enjoyed being with him. 

I didn’t think this at the time, but now that I’ve learned the laws, I can’t help but think back to a time when I was depressed and wondering if I’d ever feel loved and accepted. I laid on the couch and dreamed what it would be like to just go on a date with someone who wanted to be around me. To spend time with someone who was interested in me. 

It was only our second or third date when he told me I would be his wife. Whoa buddy! I enjoyed our time together, but I was not looking for a serious relationship. However, I soon received confirmation from Heavenly Father, I would be his wife. We got married exactly one month after my divorce was finalized. That might seem crazy to some, but we knew it was God’s perfect timing. 

It was not my plan, but I know God put us in touch with each other at exactly the right time. I had dreamed of a happy marriage. I needed to experience some difficult challenges and learn some hard, but valuable, lessons before my dream was to become reality. 

(As a side note: Brian’s parents would give him a hard time about not being married. They would say his wife wasn’t going to go walking up his doorstep, but that’s exactly what I did!)


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    needed to hear this, thank you so much

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