Fake Optimism isn’t Necessary

When you begin to study the laws of success, it’s natural to conclude that you have to think optimistically at all times in order for the principles to work for you.

But constant optimism isn’t necessary – it actually isn’t really even possible. 

No, it’s okay (and even important) to feel down sometimes.

In truth, without an emotional dip now and then, you’d never know a good day when you had one.

Even tough times contain benefits.  Families across the world are scaling back on unnecessary purchases and focusing on things that matter most like:

Family, faith, hope…

And if the economy has necessitated this change, then even a bad economy is something to be grateful for.

The world is full of illusions.  A lot of people are being tested right now to see if they will seek and cling to the truth (that there is abundance, no matter how it appears) and make choices that lead them to greater abundance, or whether they will let the ‘evidence’ of disaster overwhelm them and lead them to discouragement, and ultimately cause them to miss out on what could have been theirs.

So, with that in mind, how goes YOUR battle?

Everyone goes through periods of discouragement, or there could be no real victory.

Everyone. Even people you look up to.

Even people who are doing well right now.

Discouragement is simply a natural part of the package called LIFE. But what separates those who conquer the battle from those who are crushed under the weight of it, is just one thing.

The only thing that separates the victor from the vanquished is his or her thoughts in the heat of the battle.

It’s easy to think optimistically when things are going well.

It’s when things are TOUGH beyond belief that the real winners emerge.

How do they do it? What do they know that perhaps you don’t know?

Keep reading…

The hardest part is thinking optimistically when things are NOT going well. A person might try, but if there isn’t enough knowledge and understanding to support that optimism, the optimism is fake at best, and can even become destructive at worst.

Don’t let fake optimism destroy you.

You can’t just hope and pray that everything will work out. You can’t just affirm it superficially. You need to have the knowledge that gives you REASON to know that everything is going to turn out okay for you. There is a way to know for sure, and it isn’t just from making a decision that you’ll make it so.

The good news is that in hard times like these, for some, the greatest personal victories of all time will be won. No victory will ever be so great as the ones that come out of the most disastrous of conditions. So if you have it REALLY bad right now, you are among the most fortunate – IF – you make your daily decisions based on the knowledge I have to share with you.

If you’re ready to get on top of those bills and begin living the life you and your family were meant to live, let me tell you about the Mindset Mastery program.

“I can’t even describe what an amazing miracle this course has been in my life. Everything has changed and I am a completely different person from when I started this journey in January. I went from a happy, but blah, letting-life-take-me-where-it-will-and-be-happy-with-it person, to a vigorous and excited, let-me-partner-with-God-in-creating-miracles person. My husband is overwhelmingly excited to see this change in me and seriously awesome things are happening. I never would have imagined 8 months ago when I was sitting in my dingy apartment that I would be in a house on an amazing adventure with so many exciting dreams and achievable goals! TAKE THIS COURSE, it will change your life. I tell everyone that I can about it. Thank you Leslie and Trevan!” Katie Vrajich

There is no greater gift you can give your family than the gift of HOPE. It begins with you.

You’ve got to take the lead on this and learn to live according to the principles so you can show your family how.

You might be the only person you know who is interested in this information. Don’t wait for anyone else to make the decision for you – you may be your family’s only hope.

There’s a reason why YOU are the one who has been drawn to this material – the one who bothered reading this message – and it could be because your nature is the most inclined to naturally influencing those around you for good by your example. Let them see how it changes your life.

You don’t even have to say a word – they’ll see it, they’ll sense it, and they’ll naturally become curious and hungry to discover your new found wisdom and knack for profiting from your setbacks.

What is the Mindset Mastery program?

The Mindset Mastery Program is a 12-week course that walks you step-by-step through two very important phases. In the first phase, I help you experience documentable success with an inconsequential goal – something that creates no inner conflict with old paradigms. This phase gives you the confidence to set a second goal – a bigger one – the kind that right now might blow your mind. Then during phase 2, I help you choose that bigger goal and then systematically help you achieve it.

Together, we build the neural pathways you need to have confidence and a pattern for accomplishing every goal you set for the rest of your life. This is why so many of our students get the Mindset Mastery Program and go through it more than once, because after achieving their first big goal, they’re excited to see it work again for an even bigger goal.

The process doesn’t change – you simply use it time and again for increasingly difficult objectives.

You’ll be a different person the next time through, and have a completely different experience with it. You’ll notice ideas and concepts in the material that you didn’t notice the first time through, because frankly, you weren’t ready for it.

This is how it is with everyone. We all notice and absorb the principles we’re ready to learn, only when we’re ready to learn them.

(Thank heavens for that, because if it all was understandable the first time around, you’d be overwhelmed. Your mind would shut down because physically you could not handle it all in one flood of enlightenment. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever been so enlightened that you get physically drained and need to sleep?)

Anyway, think about giving your family the gift of HOPE right now. I don’t mean: buy THEM the Mindset Mastery Program, although I wouldn’t discourage that; but if YOU are the one who is hungry for the information, buy it for YOU, and SHOW them your transformation.

Inspire them by your example.

Hope is contagious, and as your hope grows, theirs will, too.

When money is tight, you can either stretch it as far as it will go and hope it doesn’t run out, or you can invest it in learning how to multiply the little resources you may have left.

Have faith in yourself. You have everything you need to win this battle.

When you can’t rely on anything or anyone else to give you what you need, rely on PRINCIPLES. You’ll feel a greater sense of peace immediately as you immerse yourself in understanding what they are and how they really work.

When you live according to the laws, you naturally enjoy greater confidence and clearer guidance on what your next step needs to be. Peace of mind is within your reach.

Let me help you find it.

All the best,

Leslie Householder

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