Crush Your Next Goal

By Heather Gibson

I was facing what looked like an insurmountable task. I needed my best sales month ever to meet a benchmark so I could stay eligible for a fun Mexico trip. Based on past performance, it was going to be a huge stretch. I chose to stay positive.

Did you realize that belief is a choice?

I chose to focus on how it would feel getting room service in the morning. I imagined sleeping in and relaxing. I searched the internet for pictures of the rooms, restaurants, and sites I would visit in the area. I photoshopped my husband and I into the pictures. 

Every day I spent some time on the trip in my mind. I lived it with as much vivid color and emotion as I could give it. 

In addition to dreaming- I took action. I looked for sparks of ideas on how to move forward from my Higher Power. I leaned into any inspiration and ran with it even if it felt unrelated.

The month went on with slow movement, but I stayed positive. Towards the end of the month, I needed 5-6 more people and time was running out. I persisted and did both the mental and the physical work.

Out of the blue, a prospect who had turned me down reached out and said that she had changed her mind and brought 5 people with her! 

I met my seemingly impossible goal for the month and moved to the next round of earning the trip.

How did that happen? Let me explain.

Did you know when you strike a tuning fork on one side of the room, a tuning fork of the same note on the other side of the room will start to vibrate? 

Just like the tuning fork, as we chose to put ourselves in the right frequency or vibration, we are in tune with what we are seeking. Things move differently around us because we are moving in a different way. 

I know- this sounds crazy! 

I don’t understand it however I also don’t understand cell phone waves. Invisible vibrations flowing all around me can connect me to the exact person I am looking for halfway across the world. All it takes is the right phone number?!

Want to reach a new business goal? Push further than you ever have? Try putting yourself in the right vibration by seeing the task done. 

What does it feel like? What does it look like? Is there a specific smell? Who are you sharing the victory with? 

Hold onto those images and frequently revisit them. Express gratitude for your success both that you have already and what is coming! 

Changing your vibration (the way you interact with yourself, others and God) really does change your trajectory in life. 

PS This doesn’t just work with business. Try it with health, relationships and your own impossible dreams.


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