Feeling guilty – Moms and Money

Question from Wendy:


I have a question that I hope you can help me with. In reading lesson 13 or 14 [of Mindset Mastery] I found part of the answer in your “temporary imbalance”. This is a good analogy and seems to answer the question about juggling the needs of your children while trying to run a successful business.

[But] I am struggling with some baggage that I can’t seem to figure out what to do with.

The baggage is this– sometimes I let my children be my excuse why I can’t succeed – it seems to be like the “money is evil” thing for me. But it is “mom’s who make money aren’t as righteous as mom’s who stay home full time and take care of their children.” Logically, I have several problems with this. One being that I have an Aunt who has all her children grown and she is now trying to get into her married son’s business and insist they have a grand baby for her?? Ok, so that is too weird, certainly, but I can see that it is because she dedicated her whole life to her children, and had nothing once that they all left. Surely our ultimate goal as parents is to put our selves out of a job, but it seems that there is a very fine balance between being to involved outside the home, and not having a life outside of your children…

I am currently working full time as an RN while my husband is in school full time. This has been really hard on our family and although I love the work I do, it always pulls me away from my children. I went from being a full time stay home homeschooling mom, to full time work almost over night after my husband came home from work complaining of stroke-like symptoms. This, after multiple “smaller warnings” from his body that he was not doing well. Anyway, in the car with 5 of my children wondering what I will do if my husband dies (not a happy drive home), I decided that I would have to get my RN license back and start working again. We have chosen to only have one person working at a time, always trying to have a stay home parent. This has been good for my husband’s health issues and given him the needed time to go back to school and go into a field that I hope will bring him fulfillment and joy, as well as provide well for our family.

So I guess I am hoping you have some ways that (as an LDS woman who is striving to make money) you have overcome this conflict. I guess I assume you have had to deal with it as I have in relief society and in homeschool groups. Not that what they think is really important to me, except it is what my “programming” is already saying.

Any help you have and ideas that will help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Wendy

Here’s my Answer:

Hi Wendy,

I wish I had time to spill all my guts about this one… it’s been a wrenching journey of my own to come to a conclusion I feel good about, and I am pretty sure it’s going to be part of what comes out in the Jackrabbit Factor sequel [update: which it did – read it free at PortaltoGenius.com], but let me just say this:

I’m convinced that Beverly Cleaver did our society a disservice. Since when in ALL of history, since God created the world, has woman EVER been able to sit at home and dust the shelves and read to her kids all day? She has always worked the fields, and done all kinds of manual labor just to keep the home running. What have all of our conveniences done for us? Should they have justified our right to watch tv with the kids and fold laundry while we’re entertained? Or should it have freed us up to make a more meaningful contribution, not just to our families, but to humanity at large? For what other purpose was the Relief Society organized? To make crafts for our home so that it can be the beautiful place where we teach our children that it’s wrong for mother to work?

Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s always better if the mother can be the one who is home. But as the prophets have said, sometimes there has to be individual adaptations, and you can be grateful that you have a marketable skill that can help in your situation with an ailing husband. Either way, kids need a nurturing parent, and they need to SEE how we make our contributions to the family and to others. It sets an example of industry.

And (as you’ll see more completely in your Mindset Mastery lessons), what matters more that what you do is how you feel about what you’re doing, and how you talk about it with the kids. Things really changed when I stopped apologizing to them for being so busy, and instead rallied their help for the cause, because “this is what our family does.”

I also strongly believe that when women’s traditional labors were turned over to automatic machinery, that should have freed us up to follow and act upon the sparks in our hearts that God gave us to make a difference in society… to bring RELIEF to our SOCIETY, in whatever form or fashion we feel driven.

Yes, it’s easier to work outside the home sometimes. There are less distractions, and a great feeling of being appreciated. I’ve been there. It can lure a person into a permanent set up, which has in some cases lead to the disintegration of the family. You have to follow the Spirit and do the right thing for your family, no matter what anyone else may say or think. If you’re doing what the Spirit directs, you don’t have to worry about the outcome.

It’s not the easy thing to combine motherhood with the work we do. But it’s possible, and during those temporary seasons of imbalance, the children’s dormant abilities will begin to sprout.

For example, my kids have learned that sometimes if they want dinner, they have to step up to the plate and make it happen. When they are motivated by a need, it’s no longer an assigned chore, it’s a contribution to the family, and they feel the psychic reward that comes from stepping into leadership of their own choice. If they choose to go hungry instead, then they get what they choose. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s life… and where better to learn it than in the home? Even my 5 year old has learned that she can be responsible for feeding herself a sandwich or cereal if something hasn’t been made FOR her.

What about the family meals around the table? We do those as often as we reasonably can, because we feel those are important. Like I said, I’m talking about temporary seasons of imbalance – not permanent ones.

Well, this is already more than I planned to say, but hopefully it’s helpful. Believe me when I say I’ve felt guilty for working as much as I do, but I have to wonder, why on earth would God give me the ideas I get if he didn’t want me to do something with them? Every time I deny them, I feel the Spirit leave. Every time I honor them, and develop them, even at the expense of getting the laundry done or whatever, I feel the Spirit supporting and guiding me. I’ve had to come to the conclusion that it’s the adversary who wants me to shrink and NOT do all I know I can do.

Even my patriarchal blessing says: “Have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in your work as well, and you shall accomplish the purposes you have in mind.” When I got the blessing, that part really bothered me, because I didn’t want to have any work to do. I just wanted to be Mom. I had no idea that I had a work to do, but now I know it’s true, and I cannot let anyone else’s opinion of how I spend my time get in the way of it.

The scripture that has given me the most peace about it is this one from Proverbs 31:

10 ¶ Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
13 She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.
14 She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar.
15 She ariseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.
16 She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.
17 She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.
18 She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.
19 She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.
20 She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.
21 She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.
22 She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.
23 Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land.
24 She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.
25 Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.
26 She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
29 Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.
30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
31 Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

To me, this means that the picture-perfect wife at home doing light domestic chores and coddling the kids cannot compare to a woman who is THIS busy. Thank heavens… because I wouldn’t want anyone to come take a picture of ME while I do what I do all day long! When you’re as busy as I am with seven children and an international business that we run out of our home, there isn’t time to keep my hair in highlights, or my fingernails in acrylic. I’m lucky if I get a shower sometimes. And I LOVE my life – wouldn’t have it any other way. There is so much joy in being industrious.

I’m not one who runs a perfect better-homes-and-garden household and struggles with the feeling of: “I don’t know who I am anymore”! Furthermore, when the kids are gone, I will not be left wondering, “So, now what do I do??”

Again, I love my life and I know I’m doing the right thing. I haven’t always been so sure, but I’ve scrutinized each step along the way, hoping I was making the right choice, and have been glad I did. I don’t question it so much anymore. I’m sure there is a “right” path for you, too. It may be different than what you think, so just stay open minded and ask for direction and peace of mind about it as you go.




Going Debt-Free with Rare Faith

This stuff is real, folks.

Read feedback like this (below), and you can get some extra courage to test the Rare Faith principles in even more areas of your life than you might have previously considered. Check out this case study. Crystal writes:

I’ve struggled with the idea of money in this way, that if you choose a profession that makes a lot of money, you get it. If your passion is in a field that doesn’t make money, then you make do. That’s life, that’s how society works.

We live in a very affluent part of town… and so my neighbors, church friends, etc. are all medical or legal professionals. When we built our small home in the most expensive neighborhood (thanks to purchasing family land) I struggled with the idea that because my husband prefers not to work in the medical or legal profession, we were stuck.

So my inner battle began with why the Lord would make it so. Why do we have precious metals, diamonds, and luxury if all we were meant to do was survive and endure. My family growing up did ok, but not great. I felt a huge void and frustration, feeling the ‘piety mentality’ of our religious culture. I didn’t feel like anyone that did well was terrible, in fact, I believed all those I knew that had wealth were great and wonderful people. But somehow there was a disconnect with me, that I wouldn’t be a good person anymore if I had wealth. And then there was the guilt of feeling ungrateful that what my husband brought home wasn’t good enough. I am always grateful. We make double now than when we were in school, but we’d still be considered below poverty level on the national level.

In comes the game changer. We built our home in 2014, and it was a miracle of miracles on how that happened. In so doing, we had deferred loans from friends/family that would come due in 2015 that would be beyond our budget. In August 2015, my Stake President gave a challenge to get out of debt. He said to be out of consumer debt in 2 years and then completely out of debt in 5 years, because we can’t help others when we are in bondage.

We came home and immediately realized my husband’s income would need to double if we were going to make it. So logically, it would be impossible. And then I got REALLY excited! Because if this is a challenge from the Lord, HE would create the miracle and the means to accomplish it.

That same month, my mom called and handed over the family business. It immediately brought a little in that would pay the extra we needed for the family loans. Because of the family business, we were able to pay off $65,000 in 2 years. Completely unfathomable to our circumstances.

Then in April 2017, I found the missing piece to my puzzle. Both my husband and I are ‘number nerds’. Finance has always been easy for me to understand, and I found a platform and company that followed the same core values and interest in helping people. I had flexible hours, and could even work with my kids with me, and it has been an amazing journey. That was my first introduction to mentor-ship and leadership that cared. I felt like I was seeing in color for the first time, and everything in my life improved. My family relationships improved, my desire to be closer to God improved, and I was making money doing what I LOVED. The only hang up was that I was still struggling internally with the ‘piety mentality’.

I felt the abundance mindset take over [some] and that helped a lot … [but] I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I just needed to deal with it; however, I [also] knew [the piety mindset]… would be a major setback. …

Then a new entrepreneur friend talked to me, and she had been using a vision board for years and had success with her different businesses … We talked one day and she mentioned she just learned about a book called the Jackrabbit Factor. She had just started reading it with her daughter and thought it was pretty good. So I looked it up and lo and behold, I can access it immediately through a free download! WOW!

…I read it in two days and sent a huge thank you to my friend. She laughed and said ‘Wow, I’m still only halfway through, now I really want to get through it!’

Soon after I learned about the other books and read them. They filled in the void! They answered all my questions and silenced my fears / doubts / concerns. When 3 different sources explained the idea of the camel going through the eye of the needle and rich man scripture, I knew that the Lord answered my unspoken prayers through your work. I will be forever grateful that you followed through with the process and writing and sacrificing to share what you learned. And it’s a miracle to see how the Lord works through your efforts to bless SO many! Now with 2 years left, we know that we’ll be able to become debt free!!!

My mom came home from her mission to Brazil at the end of June and spent the rest of the summer with me. She is an incredible woman, but has dealt with a lot of hardship. She is my best friend, and when I read your works, I shared them with her. She is trying to reinvent herself (as most do in retirement) and I’ve seen a strength come through that hasn’t been there before. It’s beautiful to behold. The way you explain concepts, it resonates with her and gives her confidence to not give up and to continue to develop and create an impact in her new stage of life.

After learning the principles and laws, it was fun to reflect on past blessings / miracles / experiences and recognize that they followed the principles. For example, I have 4 brothers, no sisters, and I’m in the middle. I always dreamed of having a sister, but always wanted an older one named Catherine. That’s a tall order to give your mom! In 2012, my younger brother married a beautiful woman named Catherine, and she happens to be 5 years old than him, making her 3 years older than me! WOW!

Then we always wanted a play house growing up, but never got one. Then we have a house of our own, 4 young kids that would love one, but because we have goals to get out of debt, it’s not even close to the top of our list. It almost became one of those things that we didn’t think we would ever buy because there would always be something else that we’d spend our money on. Then our sweet old neighbors call me up one day and says ‘I saw the cutest playhouse, so I got one for your kids, it’s coming in a couple weeks’. I since learned her friend actually ordered it online because she doesn’t use a computer and didn’t know what our house looked like. I’m thinking its a plastic one. It shows up as a couple boxes of lumber, we get it put together, and it completely matches our house color, down to the same red door and color of our mailbox. My kids LOVE it and it’s better than anything I would have imagined.

Now I truly believe that we have miracles and blessings, I talk a lot about the Lord knowing the desires of my heart, even the unspoken ones, and fulfilling them. I really appreciate what I’ve learned from your books, podcast, and overall content. We are looking forward to doing your e-course and someday I plan to attend a 3-day course with my husband. I feel so empowered, and I see that in my mother.

I know I’ve written you a novel, but I wanted to thank you for working SO hard those years long ago, as you went through your own struggles and breakthroughs. I love to see how we can still bless others through our trials, it’s incredible. We also enjoyed the event your son hosted, it was wonderful. I feel a sense of urgency to figure out everything the Lord needs me to do, so that I can create the springboard for the intense positive influence our children will have in the world. Leslie, thank you for being you! All the best! – Crystal C.

Thanks so much for your amazing story, Crystal!


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When the husband isn’t providing

I’d like to share a powerful example of how this work (of learning to live by Rare Faith) can impact the family. The following is shared with permission, from one of our Mindset Mastery Program participants. Wendy writes:

I would like to share a significant A-ha moment about money and marriage that has been percolating over the past year.

For 3 years I’ve been trying to turn my side-hustle hobby into one full-time, highly lucrative business. I knew I had emotional baggage around money and especially around my husband+money.

Money and Marriage has been a toxic mix for nearly 20 years now. A year ago I started working with a mindset coach for my biz but it extended into my family relationships, etc, because that’s where a lot of my baggage was centered.

Last summer I had an assignment from her to emotionally and mentally “unplug” myself from needing my husband to provide for me. Yes, that might sound obvious to some of you, but it was a deeply ingrained message from when I was a tiny girl. That message had set me up to create a co-dependent relationship with my spouse and left me feeling crippled every time I tried to create financial income for myself.

Instead I would manipulate, hen-peck, and try to “coach” my husband into being the financial fixer/savior for me and our children. It says a lot about his character that he still loves/likes me after all of that ^. *Ugh*

Anyway, shortly after that unplugging assignment I started listening to the Rare Faith podcasts, introduced my husband to them, and we both started to change.

When we joined the Mindset Mastery program I was still wrapped up in the idea that he had to make more money than me, that it was too hard and too stressful for me to be a mom and a financial provider, etc.

When I hit Modules 7, 8, 9 things started to look different. It was like I was waking up from my own life and now I saw myself, my husband, and my children as if I was a completely different person. That old story from that little girl I had been was displaced and I no longer felt those fears that were such a part of me. I finished Phase 1 with flying colors. I even achieved a significant goal because I knew I could.

When I was in Module 14 my husband hit his own terror barrier and instead of trying to “rescue” him (because I felt I had to as he was my financial life-preserver), I heard him out but asked myself: “What is my part that I should be contributing to my goal? He has his own goals. But mine are mine. So what is my part?”

I got a genius idea within 24 hours. Over the subsequent two weeks I continued working through lesson after lesson, fine-tuning my plan, working through my own terror barriers with his and my coach’s help, and saying my goal statement a zillion times.

One of the lessons in Module 17 talks about being grateful for the paper sacks. My husband has worked in the same company for a while now. I had a lot of resentment, pain, and fear around his employment because I saw them as contributing to our financial hardships. I had tried to forgive them, but it wasn’t really working. Through that Module I was able to change my vibration and become neutral about any further income from them. Instead of needing them to save me too, I unplugged myself from them, knowing that all I needed to achieve my worthy goals would come from whatever source was most efficient. I could identify and receive it from wherever God sent it.

Within 2 days of that ^^ shift, I had an experience with my husband that showed me how far my subconscious has shifted. I looked at him and instead of feeling that instinctive, gut-jerking need for him to do more and make more money, I just saw my sweetheart. There was no co-dependency or disappointment. Just affection. I no longer needed him, or his company, to provide for me.

AND within 2 days of that ^^ shift, he received a significant promotion and raise at his job that made whatever income I made in my biz unnecessary to support our family’s current lifestyle. (He can tell more details about his own “rabbit” if he chooses.)

AND (here’s the clincher guys…)

I was completely indifferent to it. I was EXCITED for him of course! Because that’s really cool for him! But I didn’t need the income to accomplish my goal.

I was already chasing my rabbit.

After thinking on this for a few days, I wonder if God has just been waiting to unleash blessings that he knew I wanted, only because I was trying to make someone else do the work for me. He knew I needed to understand this first before I could receive it without sabotaging it.

This is just really cool and I can’t thank Leslie enough for inspired teaching that helped this little girl, now grown woman, heal very old wounds that were ruining her life and her family’s.

I hope this helps someone else stick with it. Keep going through the lessons, one after another. Line upon line, our minds and hearts ARE changing. – Wendy B., Mindset Mastery Program participant

Thank you for sharing, Wendy. I’ve had similar experiences with Rare Faith (read the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to write), and what you described is a true principle in action. I’m sure there are others who have experienced the same phenomenon, and I hope they’ll share in the comments below.


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Denise Wallace’s Graduation Spotlight

I’m pleased to present Denise Wallace as a new Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!  

You may remember Denise from an article I wrote about her back in September. She had already achieved two goals (one about getting a fridge, and the other about having $4000 in savings) after only a few weeks into her lessons:

Read more about her early experiences here: Our Thoughts Do Things

Anyway, all that was when she was just getting started. But now she’s full-on graduated with Honors, and has quite a bit more to say about her latter experiences in this program.

Enjoy the recap, in her words:

Wow, what an amazing year! I started this course in May and completed it in November. Only 6 months!! I set out to achieve a particular goal that I had been working on for 3 years, and found myself realizing that that is not what I wanted.

This course helped me to find my passion and purpose. It helped me realize what I truly want in life, and to reset my path to be more aligned with being home to raise my boys. It also gave me the courage to do something different and speak up about things I am passionate about.

Following the principles taught in this course also helped my family find a home that is more suited to our family and lifestyle, and brought us from a less desirable neighborhood to one that is perfect for raising my boys in. I am so excited about all the new possibilities that this course opened up for us.

On Breaking Through a Terror Barrier

I don’t know what it is about me, but when I am afraid to do something, it affects my whole body. I start to sweat and my whole body starts to shake uncontrollably. I have always backed down from doing something if this starts to happen, but I realize now it is just a terror barrier and my body is trying to keep me in the safe zone. So I experienced this as I was doing my Live Facebook posts, and the biggest one was when I applied for [a certain] Scholarship.

For some reason I have always had thoughts that achieving stuff like that just does not happen to ordinary people like me so I don’t even try. As I applied for the Scholarship it was so hard for me to submit, but I finally just hit the “send” button. I almost had to have my husband do it for me. I was shocked at how much fear I had just doing that and how my body was reacting.

Even after I sent the application off, I had to work really hard to keep my thoughts calm. and not allow them to go to negative thinking. I kept myself very busy… anything to not allow myself to sit and ponder. Every time a negative thought would come to me I had to work really hard mentally to switch my thinking around. Lots of deep breathing activities and uplifting conversations with myself, along with fun music and lots of time spent being present with my kids.

I did get the scholarship and am so grateful for this experience that I had. [It] was worth all the time, money and lessons learned on breaking through a terror barrier.

I felt like a liar

I have never in my whole life allowed myself to sit and dream about things, or imagine what life could be like with this or that. I watched my parents struggle, and just thought that if you want anything in life you have to work and struggle and hopefully catch a break. I have even made it very hard for my husband and my family to dream about things, because in my mind it was a waste of time to dream build. “Just go to work,” were my thoughts.

The last 3 years my husband and I have struggled to really get our business up and running. We have gone to seminar after seminar. Put up vision boards and speak affirmations daily, but I never really understood why I was doing this, I always felt like such a liar saying these things to myself, and never allowed myself to really believe I could have or achieve the things on my vision board.

I really related to Leslie when she talks about all the speakers saying, “Dream big, think positive, speak the things you want”. Like her, I just thought, “Yeah yeah yeah, [but] what are the steps to do the work?”

…I read Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden TreasuresPortal to Genius, (and I even went through the Mindset Fundamentals E-course) before I started studying this Mindset Mastery course. The laws have been my A-Ha, and Leslie has done an amazing job at teaching them to me in a way that I am finally understanding how it all works.

I was only half way through this course, and it already provided huge breakthroughs for me. … This course … helped me to … appreciate and be grateful for my husband, children, and other family members. It … helped me raise money for my father. Helped us get into a better home, and on a path to financial freedom. I understand now why we have struggled so much with our business. I am so excited to apply these principles and laws along with my new mindset to our future goals.

I did not die!

For lesson 18 I felt inspired to do a Facebook live, teaching how to Slay Dragons and how this helps my family keep positive daily. I experienced all the sensations of fear before starting my live feed. My whole body started to tremble, I started sweating, my heart was racing. I honestly was terrified. It took me many tries of recording myself over and over again before I could actually do it live, but after I completed it I had several people respond on how the information was helpful to them. I found out I did not die and I ended up doing 50 days of Facebook live posts along with recorded videos, called 100 Days of Joy. I just reported daily on what I found joy in each day or how I turned a negative situation and changed my perspective to find the joy out of the situation.

I made it to day 50 then took a social media fast. It did get easier to speak live each time I did it. But my nerves tried to take over every day, and I just had to push record and go before my brain tried to talk me out of it. I am finding that I have a voice and I have information that others need and want to hear. I never had anyone say anything negative to me about my posts, but I did have a few people comment and thank me for speaking up about whatever I said that day.

My Midterm Experience

As I was thinking about what to choose for my midterm goal, I immediately thought of my 5 year old son. His birthday was coming up and he asked for an electric train set. But he did not want just any train set, he wanted one with lots of tracks and accessories. As I started looking at them, I realized they are $500 or more. So I thought this would be a good inconsequential goal, after all, if I did not find a train set, I had other ideas to fall back on.

I immediately started visualizing the train set I wanted to find for him. I saw his excitement playing with it, and felt so much joy and thankfulness for finding such an awesome train set for about $100. A couple days after visualizing the train set, I decided to go to different yard sales and see if I could find a used set. Nothing.

A few days later, I had some free time, and knew I needed to get his present ordered soon before we headed out on vacation the following week. So my husband and I both started searching some online stores and a few buy, sell, trade sights. I then thought I would check Ebay again. Last time I checked everything was way over budget, but this time I found one seller that was selling multiple sets put together, there was enough trains, tracks and accessories to build a whole big town, and it was only $120!!!!!

could not believe it, I felt so much joy and gratitude the tears came. This was the hardest goal for me to continue to believe in. I had to constantly reject any negative thoughts about finding a train set and replace the thoughts with joy and gratitude, but the train set came 6 days after I first visualized it and felt gratitude for it.

I am still in awe over the whole experience.

Adjusting the Goal

My [original Phase 2] goal was to reach the rank of paid as 12K in our health business. …I did not accomplish that goal, but I did accomplish paid as 3K status in our business 3 months in a row… a stepping stone to 12K. …I realized [my original] goal was a lot bigger than a one-month goal, and I needed to make more sub goals to reach it. 

I had to stop saying my goal statement 70 times each week, because I realized it was frustrating me too much the closer and closer I got to the end date of my goal. I was not able to feel excited about reaching 12K, every time I read it. I just felt defeated and struggled to feel the happiness that it would bring me.

As I have reached other goals, I have found that for me, I need to allow myself to feel the excitement and joy and gratitude, visualize it being accomplished, then leave it at that and go about my business and my daily routine.

(We talked about this at Genius Bootcamp, I thought there was something wrong with me until you mentioned YOU had to take down your vision board for a time, and also that you don’t count your profits after each event, because it sets you back. I have the same problem, the more I look at the facts, the harder it is for me to believe it is going to happen, so I just visualize, feel gratitude, ask, and go about my business.)

Unexpected Detour

In lesson 21 I realized I did not want to pursue building [my health business] anymore. After going through this course, I realized that the purpose of that business has been accomplished for me at this time.

I have other dreams and desires that I feel are more aligned to my purpose. I am still figuring it all out, but as soon as I let go of the goal of reaching 12K again, I had a strong impression to get myself to Genius Bootcamp. So that was my next goal.

Back in October I had spent some time visualizing myself being at the bootcamp, and I saw myself sitting in the class and learning from Leslie. I was excited and felt very grateful to be there. I had resigned myself to waiting until summer of 2019 or when we move back to the mainland.

When I saw … another bootcamp for the end of November, I started looking into flights and found that I could get cheap flight for that weekend and presented it to my husband. He did not agree and said to wait after the holidays. …We figured we could spend about $1000 for me to go. So I … tried my hardest not to think about it again until I got the confirmation that I [had the help I needed] to go. As I was looking for flights, over night the prices dropped from $800 to $600, and with our military discount at the hotel I was able to keep our right about $1000. I was even able to attend the evening VIP dinner.

…This course has given me so much more insight. and given me so many lessons learned than I could ever have expected. I have reached many, many other goals using the process taught here. (We even found a more suitable home for our family using this process…)

I am excited to take the Guided Mindset Mastery Course to add to my learning, along with starting the Mentor Training Course.


Again, Congratulations, Denise! You’ve done an amazing job! 


What’s YOUR story going to be?

I want to see YOU graduate, too! Learn more about the Mindset Mastery program HERE.

The 12-week Mindset Mastery Program is not to be confused with the 8-week Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse.

The Fundamentals Ecourse is a powerful exploration of the principles that govern success, and takes an introductory approach for effective goal setting. It also fills the gaps to give you a basic but complete understanding of the principles, so that you have a solid foundation on which to develop true mastery. 

By contrast, the Mastery Program is focused on the *implementation* of the principles and the *achievement* of your goals. It is full of interesting assignments that take you step-by-step through two experimental goals, challenging your thought processes, helping you experience success, and setting up a pattern in your thinking that you will be able to utilize over and over for effectiveness with all of your future goals. I hope you’ll join me in one of these programs, to help you take your understanding and success to the next level in ALL the different areas of your life. Learn more about the difference HERE.